A Baby Was Abandoned Right At The Hospital, Once Look Under The Blanket And They All Knew…


A child born without arms and legs in Brazil, who was abandoned by his birth mother, finds hope and defies expectations after being adopted by a loving family in Utah, discovering a passion for dance that transcends his physical limitations.

In a heartwarming tale of love and resilience, Gabe Adams was placed in an orphanage, where his story captured the heart of Janelle Adams, a Utah mother with 13 children. Upon seeing his photo in a grocery store, she instantly felt a connection, saying, “I’d take him in a second.”

Gabe’s life took a miraculous turn when the Adams family adopted him. An employee at Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Salt Lake City, Utah, vividly recalled their first encounter, likening Gabe to a football rolling down the hallway. Despite his physical limitations, Gabe’s new family ensured he had a life full of love and possibility.

Initially, Janelle had reservations, as she told People magazine, “I kept wondering, ‘How would I feed him? How would I dress him? How would we teach him to walk?’,” but she felt that bringing Gabe into their family was the right thing to do. In a 2010 Huffington Post article, Gabe credited his parents’ unwavering support for his ability to overcome obstacles, learn independence, and accomplish everyday tasks like eating, writing, and even swimming.

It took a year for Gabe to learn to walk, but he soon found it more comfortable than using a wheelchair. He developed unique techniques to hold a pencil or fork using his neck, shoulder, and chin. His determination led him to explore his passion for dance, a pursuit that granted him a sense of freedom unparalleled by any other activity.

Gabe’s dance teacher, Kim King, told People that he shares the same aspirations and dreams as other teenagers. Gabe’s eloquence and maturity make it clear that he never wanted to be defined by his limitations. Describing his first time jumping off a diving board, Gabe said the applause he received was a testament to his independence.

As a member of the dance team, Gabe’s extraordinary skills, which he began honing at the age of 12, including spinning, flipping, and breakdancing. Social media users have been astounded by Gabe’s talent, with comments like, “Amazing. Kudos to him and his high school dance team” and “Watch this and don’t ever say you can’t do something!”

One commenter summed it up perfectly: “Wow! God bless him. This country needs more kids willing to work hard to beat the odds. Nothing but admiration for this young man.”

Gabe’s inspiring story of courage and perseverance demonstrates the power of love and the boundless potential within each individual, regardless of the challenges they face.

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Source: AWM