A Bully Suckerpunched Someone Who Was Trying To Avoid The Fight, And Got Hit With A Big Dose Of Karma….


A viral video shows one cheerleader you don’t want to mess with.

The video, which has been making the rounds on social media and now getting worldwide media attention, shows a cheerleader in uniform desperately trying to avoid a conflict with a bully who was intent on fighting. The Daily Mail noted that the incident took place in California and appeared to take place after some kind of school event.

In the video, the cheerleader from Clayton Valley Charter High School, Savannah Sprague, desperately tries to convince the bully that she doesn’t want a conflict.

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

No, nobody wants to fight,” Sprague told her. “You guys want to fight us. Nobody speaks on you guys, nobody talks about you guys.”

Her plea for non-violence was not heard and the girl put her finger in Sprague’s face.

“What are you going to do?” the girl says. “Are you going to make me get back?”

“Don’t f****** touch me,” Sprague told the girl seconds before getting punched in the face.

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

Sprague then gets up from her seat and starts pummeling the girl, flipping her to the ground, and landing multiple punches while the crowd cheers.

Somebody off-camera can be heard telling the girls to break up the fight and the two girls are separated. The girl who started the fight is seen walking away as the video comes to an end.

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

How this tiny girl managed to flip her opponent is beyond me. You can clearly tell the bully is at least two times bigger than her. The adrenaline I tell you, that’s what it has to be! Or maybe she just has really good strength? Teach me your ways, cheerleader!

Eventually, the brutal fight was broken up by bystanders and the bully walked away from the cheerleaders. Now, I don’t condone violence and think that violence is definitely not the answer to any situation, but I am going with the cheerleader on this one. She clearly told the bully numerous times that she didn’t want to fight and asked her not to touch her. But no, what does the bully do? She physically attacks her. Honestly, the bully deserved it.

The teenager’s little sister, Sierra Sprague, shared the viral video of the brawl to her Twitter account, and the post was trending with over 8 million views, over 100,000 retweets, and over 346,000 likes. According to Sprague, her sister was not suspended or in any trouble despite the fight happening in her school uniform.

Watch the video below for more details:

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