A Harley Dealer’s Billboard Is Causing People To Lose Their Minds…


Harley-Davidson has caused quite a steer in Portsmouth after they put up a new billboard.

People have been offended by the billboard and the legendary motorcycle maker has faced some harsh criticism from the public.

The billboard in question says, “Leave all the bulls*it in the wind behind you” – and there are no stars to censor the profanity, so the word is just out there.

In response, Bayside Harley Davidson in Portsmouth says for 13NewsHow that they don’t sell motorcycles, they sell lifestyles, which is exactly what they are trying to portray on the new billboard.

“You do put everything behind you when you get on a bike, you let all the daily bs, the boss, the wife, the kids. I mean it goes away, so it’s a true saying,” said GM Shawn Robinson, 13NewsHow reports.

Robinson added that he was surprised people are offended by the new ad which is prominently seen from I-264 East.

“The billboard company approved it, Harley Davidson approved it, we didn’t think it was an offensive term,” Robinson said.

Portsmouth City Councilman Bill Moody confirms that the billboard is on Harley-Davidson Bayside property and the company is protected under the first amendment.

However, many men in the area were furious that Harley Davidson was creating ads that were a bad influence on their sons and daughters.

Brian Robbins wrote, “Before you know it, there will be nothing but a bunch of idiots swearing around my kids with zero respect for innocence. My six-year-old (who reads everything she sees) will read this and be shocked. Think about the kids when using profanity. There are a time and place for it. But not on a public highway.”

Mark Bethel agreed, “Yes, freedom of speech. However, the billboard companies have the ultimate say.”

It was approved by the billboard company, Harley Davidson, and it’s on their property, so city council said they are protected under the first amendment.

“We certainly didn’t mean to offend anybody when we put it up, that certainly wasn’t our intent, but it was. Hopefully, just like all advertising, you know, we get a little play out of it somehow,” Robinson said.

He also added that it’s a little ridiculous to be worried about a billboard.

Watch the video below for more details:

Sources: AWM, 13NewsHow