A Lost Red Lanyard Was Found At Disneyland, But Look At The Note On The Bottom… WOW!


Have you ever wanted your own personal guardian angel? Someone that would always love you and care for you, and protect you from any harm? Who wouldn’t want that? For some of us, our guardian angel might be our parents or a family member. For others of us, it might be a close friend. No matter who it is, all that matters is that there is someone out there in the world looking out for you.

In some instances, however, you may not even know that someone is looking out for you — a surprise guardian angel if you will. In the following story, you’ll hear about an employee named Emily Gibby who works as a cast member at Fantasyland, which is part of the Disneyland Park in Anaheim, CA. Emily was working at an event in the park one day when she came across a lost item on the ground. What she did with that item, however, warmed my heart and is truly befitting of a guardian angel…

It was March 24th when Emily Gibby was working a “pin-release” event at the Disneyland Park. While she was working, she came across a red lanyard on the ground with a note that read,

“Hello! I am autistic, and I don’t talk much, but I was like to trade for Mickey pins!”

This note immediately touched Emily’s heart. Emily knew that the lanyard’s owner was probably at the pin release event she was working at and had accidentally dropped their lanyard.


Currently, the lanyard only had 4 pins in it, but Emily knew that the owner was willing to trade whatever they had in order to get these unique and iconic Mickey Mouse pins that Disneyland released at these special pin-release events.


Once Emily figured out the meaning behind the note and the pins, she knew what she had to do.

First, Emily found as much collectible pins as she could in order to fill out all the empty space on the lanyard cord.

She left the 4 pins that were already on the cord, but she filled the rest of empty space with unique pins she knew the owner would be ecstatic about.


Next, Emily resorted to the one place she knew she could get her story and message across — social media. Emily posted her story on Facebook along with before and after pictures of the lanyard. She added the following message,

“So we did what any Cast Member would naturally do. We filled up his lanyard with Mickey pins and got him a Mickey medallion as well! But now we need everyone’s help in finding him/her!! Share this post and help us find our friend! Be on the lookout! Multiple lines of business have already been contacted and informed that we have this lanyard at Pin Traders for him/her! Let’s work some magic and try to find our friend!!”


Emily’s original post went viral and was shared around 1,500 times! Unfortunately, the owner has yet to be located. Emily learned that the lanyard probably belongs to someone that was with the Boys & Girls Club of America, but she still hasn’t been able to track down the owner of that specific lanyard.

Still, Emily hasn’t lost hope. If you have any knowledge on who the original owner might be, Emily requests that you contact her on Facebook, Instagram, or call Disneyland park’s lost and found service at (714)-817-2166.


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