A Man Who Beat His Wife’s Rapist To Death Has Learned His Fate….


A man was arrested after allegedly beating his wife’s would-be rapist to death with a tire iron in a Bronx, New York apartment.

Earl Nash, 43, allegedly snuck into a Washington Avenue building and forced his way into a woman’s apartment, and attempted to rape her. He apparently struck the victim repeatedly, causing contusions to her forehead.

According to reports, Nash allegedly exposed himself and tried to tear off the woman’s clothing. The terrified woman managed to break free to call her husband for help while the woman’s cousin tried to fight off the intruder.

Nash apparently left the unit just as the woman’s husband, a native of Guinea Mamadou Diallo, 61, returned home. He encountered a shirtless Nash in the hallway and struck him with a tire iron. Nash was transported to a local hospital, where he died.

The medical examiner said Nash died from cardiorespiratory complications associated with his head injuries, acute cocaine intoxication, and heart disease.

The New York Post reported that Nash has a lengthy rap sheet that includes arrests for assault, robbery, and arson.

Within days of the incident, Nash’s nephew said that his uncle was schizophrenic, and may have seemed “off,” but was not violent.

Remarkably, representatives of the Nash family offered a statement in support of dropping charges against Diallo.

“We truly believe that both the Nash and the Diallo family have suffered a great deal of pain. … While we cannot undo the damage that was done that evening, we hope to bring some closure not only to our family but to the Diallo family as well,” a statement sent to the DA read, in part.

Diallo was first released on his own recognizance within days of the incident. Several people disagreed with his arrest, and he was greeted by applause when he left the jail.

After being exonerated, Diallo told the New York Post: “I do not want to kill that man I’m not happy because I know a man died and I know they put my name with somebody who died.”

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