A Model’s Death Was Ruled A Suicide, But Then The Family Said Something That…


A tragic and mysterious death occurred in the beautiful tourist destination of Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Agostina Jalabert, a 31-year-old Argentine model, was found dead in her apartment on February 18th, 2023. Although authorities have ruled her death a suicide, her family believes that she was murdered, and they have identified a suspect.

Agostina’s younger sister, Candela, discovered her sister’s lifeless body in the bathroom of their apartment at around 7 a.m. on February 18th. Before entering the apartment, security reportedly informed Candela that the police had recently visited her sister’s home twice after neighbors reported hearing screams.

Candela tried to enter the apartment using a security code but was unsuccessful. When Agostina’s boyfriend, Juan Reverter, answered the door, he claimed that Agostina was sleeping. However, when Candela saw Agostina’s dog, Bruna, she followed the animal to the bathroom and found her sister hanging from a towel rack.

Agostina’s father, Edgardo, told the Argentine news network TN that the family believes her death was not a suicide.

“The autopsy, according to the lawyer, reveals that this is a femicide due to the injuries my daughter has,” he said. Agostina’s uncle, Germán, also criticized the Mexican authorities for their handling of the investigation. “None of the basic protocols were applied to investigate and find out the real causes of his death,” Germán said. “The boyfriend was not arrested, his phone was not seized, nor were toxicological tests carried out, nor was it verified if he had any injuries.”

The family strongly suspects that Juan Reverter murdered Agostina. Betina Teuly, the family’s lawyer, said that “there is sufficient evidence” to prove that Reverter killed Agostina. However, Mexican authorities have not yet charged Reverter with any crime.

Edgardo Jalabert revealed that Agostina and Reverter had broken up in June 2021 but had gotten back together in December of the same year. Reverter moved in with Agostina around Christmas, and the family believes he may have fled to Asia, San Francisco, or Canada.

Teuly has urged the Argentine Foreign Ministry to pressure Mexican authorities to reclassify the case from suicide to femicide. The Mexican prosecutor’s office is still investigating Agostina’s death.

This heartbreaking story raises many questions and concerns about the investigation into Agostina’s death. Was it really a suicide, or was she murdered? If she was murdered, who is responsible for her death? Why have Mexican authorities not arrested or charged Reverter with any crime? These are questions that the family and the public want answers to.

In the meantime, Agostina’s family is left to mourn her untimely death and seek justice for her. They have expressed their disappointment and frustration with the investigation and the lack of progress in identifying a suspect. As the investigation continues, they will not rest until they have answers and justice for Agostina.

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