A New Poll REVEALS Why Nobody Trusts Joe Biden!


No matter how hard they tried to hide Joe Biden’s real mental health status the people of America are very much aware that, what we currently have as the United States president is a broken brain old man that should be staying already at a nursing home and no longer capable of leading a country.

This regime can do anything to make polls about Biden look like everyone likes him but the fact that Joe Biden is in the cognitive condition is hard to cover and hide from the eyes of the American people.

They really think that they fool all of us. The fact that everyone is ignoring this very obvious condition is just telling us that there’s really some huge problem.

And the latest poll that was released recently shows a huge reason why American people do not trust Bumbling Joe Biden. Aside from the fact that the man sitting in the White House is a stammering, confused elderly man.

Here’s a report from the Western Journal:

A new poll indicates that Americans have serious concerns about President Joe Biden’s mental acuity and potential cognitive decline.

The Thursday poll from Rasmussen revealed that 47 percent of Americans strongly agree that Biden’s mental decline has become apparent.

Forty-two percent of likely voters said they were confident that Biden is “physically and mentally up to the job of being President of the United States.” Fifty-six percent were not confident in Biden’s fitness for the job, with 45 percent not at all confident.

Two-thirds of likely voters want Biden to take a cognitive test, as many congressional Republicans have proposed.

The survey questioned 1,000 likely voters between Feb. 13 and 14 with a +/- 3 percent margin of error.

Barack Obama’s former White House physician Ronny Jackson has been hammering Joe Biden hard on his cognitive decline for eons now and he wouldn’t let these cognitive issues off the hook.

Jackson said that “This guy doesn’t know where he’s at, he doesn’t know what he’s doing. It’s very obvious to everyone in the country right now that this guy’s got some cognitive issues, right?”

The fact that each day a person who needs a lot of mental help is sitting inside the White House makes it even scarier to hear.

Sources: Wayne Dupree, The Western Journal