A New Report Reveals Exactly How Pointless Lockdowns Were!


The manipulation of Biden’s regime is far from over, and a new report debunks his mandate is a BIG FAT LIE!

Recently, a new report has been released and it only shows how imperative Joe’s mandate was.

Clay Travis has slammed Biden’s regime and its manipulative mainstream media with this new report.

Florida has the lowest COVID infection rate in the contiguous forty-eight states of the United States as of this writing, with rates falling by 49% in the last fourteen days in a direct factual refutation of the lockdowns, mask, and vaccine mandate narratives. This is a clear indication which we can say where the Government of Biden has missed.

Death even tried to give a spooky warning to Americans saying, “People Want To Say We’re Done With COVID. But COVID’s Not Done With Us.”

Watch it here: Youtube/MSNBC

What a nutshell, reports are debunking their information even Outkick.com’s Clay Travis and Alejandro Avila have pointed out the unavoidable facts that the mainstream media is dead-set against admitting because it would cripple the Biden-Harris regime’s oppressive narrative.

“Blue states have proudly led the nation in retaining COVID-19 mandates that have been outdated since the latter part of 2020. Meanwhile, Texas boasted the fastest economic recovery in the nation and Florida now leads the nation in lowest per capita COVID rates among all continental U.S. states. Only 12 citizens per 100,000 are getting the illness, per the New York Times‘ COVID data.

Meanwhile, Patriot Ron DeSantis has bolded his support for his fellow Floridians with this tweet.

As of this writing, more and more people are relocating to states where they are allowed to work with lesser mandates and looser restrictions.

We should see more of this, right?

Source: The GOP Times