A News Anchor Sent A Bone Chilling Message Moments Before She Took Her Own Life…


It was a mere ninety minutes after Neena Pacholke, a beloved Wisconsin news anchor, had bought a firearm that she tragically took her own life. In a text message sent to a close friend prior to her heartbreaking action, she explained that her fiancé had been unfaithful, and expressed how he “hated” her. The message would later serve as a gut-wrenching suicide note.

Kyle Haase, Pacholke’s fiancé, had called off their engagement a mere seven weeks before their planned wedding. The couple had endured a stormy two-year relationship riddled with constant arguments and Haase’s persistent infidelity, which took a severe toll on Pacholke’s emotional well-being.

Pacholke had confided in a friend about one particular incident that shook her to the core. Upon returning to the home she shared with Haase, she discovered a foreign pair of underwear. Pacholke would later be found lifeless, the result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, in the $390,000 home she and Haase had recently bought together in the Wisconsin suburb of Wausau.

In the moments leading up to her heartrending decision, Pacholke contacted a friend, who promptly dialed 911. Despite the friend’s quick thinking in requesting a welfare check for the news anchor, the authorities’ arrival came too late. Pacholke had already taken her own life by the time they reached her residence.

On the morning of August 27, 2022, police officers searched for Pacholke but arrived too late. Just a day before her suicide, Haase had removed all firearms from their shared home out of concern that she might use them to harm herself or him. However, Pacholke was able to easily purchase a new firearm from a nearby gun store and tragically used it to end her life shortly thereafter.

At the time, Haase was en route to Minnesota to visit family members. He had spoken to Pacholke, who cryptically mentioned she was “going to do something” but refrained from providing any details of her intended actions. Worried about her well-being, Haase contacted the police to request a welfare check.

Officers reached the Wausau residence at approximately 11:20 am. Receiving no response after knocking on the front door, they circled the house to investigate. While outside, they heard a loud noise resembling a gunshot followed by the sound of objects crashing.

After waiting for half an hour, the police officers entered the home. Upon stepping into the bedroom, the unmistakable odor of gunpowder filled the air. They discovered Pacholke in a closet, her lifeless body covered in blood, with a firearm not far from her. A bullet hole in the wall marked the path the fatal shot had taken.

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Neena Pacholke and Kyle Haase had first met under somber circumstances, during a funeral in November 2020. In the wake of this unspeakable tragedy, their story comes to a devastating end, leaving friends, family, and the community to mourn the loss of a cherished news anchor.

Source: AWM