A Rapist Tried Taking Advantage Of Her, And She Took A Chunk Out Of Him!


A South Carolina woman was able to save her life after being attacked by a boy inside her home own home.

Paige Duvall, 33 is an art teacher at Cane Bay High School. On Friday morning around 6:30 am Duvall heard a knock on her door, curious who was the one knocking she looked outside but didn’t see anyone at first and went back to bed. Minutes after another knock was made that made her check it again but this time she opened the door and saw a 16-year-old boy named Antoine Miller standing at the side of her house, holding a knife with a white handle.

After seeing whose behind the doors she immediately tried to shut it down, however; Miller was strong enough to open it with his force. Duvall was pushed to the floor while Miller climbed on top of her while punching her and screamed at her to stop fighting and he will not hurt her. Miller asked her where her bedroom was located he picked her up and placed her on his shoulder and went through her bedroom.

After arriving at Duvall’s bedroom he started to undress her but she kicked him hard in the groin, which only increased his anger. He shouted, “Now you have to die!”

Duvall told investigators when the teen put his tongue into her mouth, she “bit his tongue as hard as she could until she heard it snap.” She then threw the severed tongue on the kitchen floor, scrambled into her car, and went to a nearby gas station to call for help. Meanwhile, the rapist got away, but not for long.

According to investigators Miller, was found and arrested at a Waffle House after his mother called 911 due to her son “not having a tongue and needing medical assistance.”

Duvall ran out of her home and contacted police at a business on Remount Road.

“I spoke with a counselor and my mom today and the counselor asked me,’ What would you think objectively looking at your story? What would you think about that person?'” Duvall said.”For the very first time, I felt empowered and I thought to myself, I would put that in my Rolodex of ‘If that happens to me that’s what I’m going to do.'”

Duvall said she had just purchased her home in April and was looking forward to making it her own.

“It was a blank canvas, it was all hardwood floors and white walls,” Duvall said.”It was just ready for someone like me to come in and make it their own.”

She calls the incident a learning experience.

“I want to always be able to talk about it,” Duvall said.”I think it would be reckless to just get over it, to not learn from it. Not that I think I did anything wrong. I know I didn’t do anything wrong.”

The Cane Bay community has been helping Duvall with teachers painting her home and students cutting her grass.

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