A Small Boy Confessed A Horrible Secret To His Teacher, Then She Decided To Act Immediately


Teachers are some of the most caring, compassionate, and praise-worthy people we have the pleasure of doing life with. They spend more time in a day with our kids than most parents do, and the influence they have on a child’s life is monumental.

But this kindergarten teacher went above and beyond in a major act of love for one of her students and his family!

54-year-old Nancy Bleuer is a preschool teacher at Washington Charlie Brown Preschool and Childcare, and she truly is one of a kind. When a student of hers named Camden mentioned his father’s failing health, she knew she had to get more information.

As it turned out, Camden’s father Darreld Peterson found out that he had renal kidney failure, and that his kidney was only functioning at 20%. He was quickly put on Dialysis but would need a new kidney if he wanted to regain his health. He was put on the waiting list for a donor, but the only option he had fallen through was growing worried.

Nancy was touched by his plight and she decided to take the remarkable step of getting tested as a donor. Fortunately, she and Camden’s dad found out they were a match, and she scheduled a transplant at the University of Iowa Hospital.

Peterson couldn’t believe it. He was overwhelmed by her selfless offer, calling it “amazing.” He knew more than anyone how many names were added to the organ waiting lists every day, and here he was, getting one from his child’s teacher.

“I wish there were more people like her,” he said, adding Bleuer is, “giving me a second chance at life.”

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For her part, Bleuer said she was “excited” and “ecstatic” about the entire process. “I don’t know what I would’ve done for closure if I wasn’t (a match),” she said.

The surgery took place at the University of Iowa Hospital. It was a success! Now both Bleuer and Peterson are recovering well. She’s happy that she was able to help Camden feel better and heal his father’s issues.

And it was all thanks to the caring response of a teacher, to a little 4-year-old boy, who was worried about his dad.

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How many of us would really do what Nancy did if we are faced with similar circumstances?

In a world where we come across news of murders, rapes, terrorist attacks, crimes, and killings of every kind. I cannot express what I felt after reading this article. For a minute I dismissed it by telling myself that it can’t be true. But, no it isn’t. There are people who really are humans, rather than humans.

People like Nancy are setting examples of words like hope, love, and kindness and tell us that these are not just words. They actually mean something.

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