A Suspect Spat On This Female Cop, Days Later She Was Dead….


A Ukrainian police officer has died from tuberculosis after contracting the disease from a man who spat in her face as he was arrested.

Arina Koltsova, 35, from Kiev, collapsed at work a short while after the incident occurred on New Year’s Day. Koltsova was unaware that her suspect was suffering from TB when she arrested him.

The 35-year-old remained untreated for some time before she collapsed at work one day. She was later diagnosed with the infectious lung disease and was forced into treatment.

Photo credit: Arina Koltsova via CEN

Her on-duty partner, Officer Mikhail Kindrakevich, wrote: “She became ill after New Year’s Day. She had arrested this guy and he spat in her face. Sometime later she collapsed. She had received treatment. She underwent chemotherapy, she was fed food through an IV drip and she had lost a lot of weight”

Photo credit: Arina Koltsova via CEN

TB mainly affects the lungs but can affect glands, bones, and the nervous system. The bacterial infection, which spreads through inhaling tiny droplets from coughs or sneezes, can be treated with antibiotics but if left untreated, it can be fatal.

As her symptoms were so severe, Koltsova was on a course of chemotherapy, used in acute cases of TB, which weakened her and led to severe malnourishment. Koltsova died on Monday (25 July) and was buried in Kiev two days later.

“This is an irreplaceable loss for the whole of Kiev police, fond memories of Arina will remain in our hearts forever,” Koltsova’s police department wrote on its social media page.

Photo credit: Arina Koltsova via CEN

He may not be charged with her death. Give the police in your area a break.

They are doing a job that most of us wouldn’t even consider doing. The dangers they face are more than most of us can imagine, and they do it all to keep us safe.

Rest in Peace, Arina.

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