A Thug Told Him “Stick ‘Em Up”, He Told The Thug To Reach For The Sky….


A cash register operator armed himself after spotting a suspicious figure in a viral video posted by Zaid Jilani, and it turned out that his instincts were spot on.

This happens more often than most people think.

In many of these instances, the situation is that the cashier being robbed by the robber is almost always masked, they’ll try to come to the store in time where there are only a few people or the cashier is all alone.

They first observe the surroundings by looking at the products they will use as props and act as if they will buy them. As they approach the cashier they’ll put their other hand to their pockets as if they’re getting their wallets but turns out it’s their weapon as mostly what robbers do, it’s either a gun or knife.

There were reportedly 2 to five suspects who usually rob a store, 2 of them will act as customers while others act as watchers. Typical robbers that even the movies this is what they usually been described as.

“Saw this video on Reddit of a cashier noticing a suspicious customer and preparing himself. Should probably run the CIA,” Zaid Jilani wrote.

In the video, the cashier notices the suspicious customer and quietly prepares his firearm. This gives him a critical advantage in a situation where a mere half-second can be the difference between life and death.

The suspicious customer pulls out a bag and a gun and thinks he’s in control.  But the cashier was prepared. And point the gun at the robber. But the clerk doesn’t come out guns a-blazing. He just takes command.

The cashier maintains a direct line-of-sight bead on the criminal until he is fully out of sight, the clerk knows the criminal is armed, dangerous, and probably both jumpy and mad, but He’s not about to let his guard down.

You can watch him follow the crook’s progress through the window outside the convenience store.

The cashier then goes to lock the door and secures the area.

All in all, a good showing from a level-headed fellow. Well done, sir!

Well, this is a pretty solid lesson in how to deal with a potentially deadly threat in a minimal amount of time.

Watch it here: Reddit/video

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