A Top Democrat Donor Just Told Biden And Kamala They Are CUT OFF…


Another low poll result came in and it only proved how independent voters can no longer stand Joe Biden.

A new poll shows that individual voters polling with them is around 25 percent, and it’s probably about 10 points lower than that in reality. After a year Biden was installed as president the “81-million legal votes” that they were proud of are now nowhere to be found and it even looks like a joke.

And his supporters from the Dems? Well, let’s just say that after a year of observing Biden and Kamala also no longer feels satisfied and is now even furious with both of them.

Isaiah Carter a registered Dem and even donated for Joe Biden’s campaign is now, unfortunately, regretting being one of Joe’s fans now.

Below is what Isaiah shared about Joe and Kamala in his epic unfinished tweet:

“I’m gonna be totally honest. I’m a registered Democrat, and someone who donated to Biden’s campaign. I supported Kamala Harris from the day she announced her run for President. I was happy when Biden asked her to be her running mate. A year later, I am FURIOUS with them BOTH. 

A lot of people in my replies are asking what my reasons are for stating this publicly, at a time when people are frightened, anxious, and content to silently remain in their tribes, or to even beindless defenders of this administration. I have 5 reasons. Here we go…

  1. Let’s start with the horrendous way Biden presided over the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Desperate refugees dropping to their deaths from the landing gear of American planes. American trucks, tanks and weapons abandoned to the Taliban, who took Kabul in just FOUR DAYS.

The way Biden just left American diplomats to find their own ways home before the Taliban took back Kabul’s airport. The defiant, “old-man pissed” attitude Biden took to defend his decisions when MILLIONS of Americans were horrified beyond belief, and wanted an explanation.

I don’t care that Trump said we were leaving, and he wanted to be done with a war that’d lasted two decades. You don’t just leave our diplomats, federal contractors and their families, military personnel, and Afghani refugees hanging like that. There’s such a thing as DUTY.

And if you don’t think Afghanistan wasn’t on purpose, think the fuck again. He’s gonna do Ukraine next, folks.

  1. This administration (really, the Democratic Party in general at this point) love of condescension, and “talking down” to people with legitimate concerns and criticisms about the direction our country is going. The “Psaki-bombs.” The way Biden snarls at the press…

The unprofessional, punching-down snarking way Jaime Harrison tweets, which often betrays just how out-of-touch he is with the electorate. It feels like they know they’re wrong, but they don’t care. And that goes back to the misreading of Biden’s victory in 2020.

A lot of liberals who have gone full Pollyanna think is somehow nonsensical, or that NBC News only polled white people, as if every Black man, woman and child are just fine with how things are going. That’s willfully reductive, and dangerous.

The swings in this part of the poll show me just how nuanced this thing truly is. Especially that fifteen point swing AGAINST Trump. That tells me that largely, the public knows that Biden is terrible, but they’re NOT pining for Trump’s return.

You really think this administration is going to stop for five minutes, and maybe re-assess the direction they’re going in, with polls showing this kind of clear political re-alignment? Of course not. They think they’ve got a Mandate from Heaven to force the country leftward.

Which brings me to… 3. This administration’s push for Critical Race Theory, and the 1619 Project as the “One True Way” to educate our kids on America’s racist foundations. Gonna take a little bit on this one, and you’ll see why in a bit.

I’m speaking as a Black man, folks. I’m speaking as someone who by most metrics, SHOULD be pushing CRT as the best way to teach kids about racism, but I don’t. Critical Race Theory is the most abominable, divisive form of postmodernist indoctrination I’ve ever seen.

This goes far beyond the scam artistry from scum like Ibram X Kendi and Robin DiAngelo. This goes beyond the forced teaming and monolithism going on in these classrooms, segregating Black and white kids in separate groups, then making them fight each other in Oppression Wars…

Hell, this goes far beyond frauds like Nikki Hannah-Jones, a liar and phony who not only gave us the graphic novel the 1619 Project, with tall tales about the American Revolution really being a battle to uphold slavery nearly a century and a half after arrival to the New World…

It is my view that critical race theory is far more than the postmodernist immolation of the meaning of racism, already being torn to shreds by turning interpersonal annoyances into “microaggressions” of privilege. Critical Race Theory is a Trojan Horse for some darker elements.

CRT was presented to the Democratic Party and every teacher’s union in America as this enlightened, progressive means of “educating” folks about race. But as with every Trojan Horse, there are people inside that want to go beyond the oppressions of race. That would be DEI.

You’ve probably noticed a LOT of corporations, nonprofits and government agencies uttering the words, “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion”, up to and including multiple branches of our military. This is no accident. This is QUITE intentional, and evidence of ideological capture

DEI facilitators and the nonprofits who employ them serve not too dissimilarly from missionaries dispatched from churches to foreign countries to preach the Gospel. This field exploded during the Trump years, primarily because they had a clear and present enemy in him…

In Biden, this industry not only has a friend, it has a full-on denizen of this industrial complex; a man willing to use the power of his office to make these societal changes a reality. Including the one thing that has enraged me the most about this presidency. That’s later.

Below are the comments from many people who chimed in on what Isaiah said:

“Hopefully there is a country to rebuild and reunite after Joe is out of office. I feel like it’s being wrecked a little more every day.”

“A true sign of intelligence is to not be afraid to change your mind when you have new information. It’s not like Biden told voters he’d do all these things. I just wish more of the people that voted for him would have the courage to admit what he’s doing isn’t right.”

“You’re going to be even more pissed when you find out down the road who’s really behind Joe Biden. Let’s just say he always wanted a third term in the shadows.”

“We understand your reasons. We saw it all PRIOR to the election. Why didn’t you see it? Why would you think Kamala would be a good running mate when she has little to show for her years in public service, not to mention she couldn’t capture 2% interest from within her own party?”

“Dude, thank you! I just want to say that I 100 percent respect your opinion. I may not agree with it all, but I sure as hell respect you for speaking up.”

“Keep it rolling!! I want to hear the rest of this thread! And THANK YOU for speaking out. I’m tired on being lectured by white folks on CRT. I’m an Independent but rallied with the Left for a long time. Never more.”

“This is the best thought-out thread I’ve seen in a long time. I await the rest.”

“Thank you for speaking up……I’m very worried about our country….the damage this administration is doing……….shameful.”

“Thank you sir for posting this! CRT has BROKEN many families, of all skin tones and walks of life. (My mixed-race family included). Since it really took hold in Trumps Presidency, I knew my leaving the evils of the D Party was not a mistake.”

“Well spoken Isaiah. We are not to be divided into two parties. We are one people, the American people and one race, the Human race.”

During the 2020 election people choose to vote Biden because they thought that this old man was the gentle “grandfather” who would bring “calm” to the US, but ends up a cranky and mean jerk. I can’t imagine how Biden manages to fool them.

Source: Wayne Dupree