Louisiana Police Captain Challenges BLM Thug To Fight, You’re Going To LOVE This!


In a new video that has quickly gone viral, Louisiana Police Captain Clay Higgins issued a serious warning to members of the “Gremlin Gang.”

The footage shows Higgins backed by a group of law enforcement officers and community officials. He tells the gang members that they are being hunted for armed robbery and murder.

Higgins then addresses one of the gang members specifically by name, looking dead into the camera.

“Darren Carter, you think men like these are afraid of an uneducated, 125 pound punk like you, that’s never won a fair fight in your life and holds your gun sideways?” Higgins asks. “Young man, I’ll meet you on solid group anytime, light or heavy, makes no difference to me. You won’t walk away.”

“Look at you!” Higgins continues. “Men like us, son, we do dumbbell presses with weights bigger than you.”

Higgins then encourages members of the community to stand up and take a stand.

“And for those who will use this message to create false racial division in our country, take a close look behind me,” Higgins concludes. “Standing next to every cop is a leader of our black community. This is not about race, it’s about right versus wrong.”

Watch the video below and tell us what you think.

0 thoughts on “Louisiana Police Captain Challenges BLM Thug To Fight, You’re Going To LOVE This!

  1. LOL, I love it! They are punks for sure. They [punks] are nothing without a piece or a bunch of thugs at their backs. This is exactly how law enforcement should call out punks. WE NEED LAW AND ORDER! Without it we’d look like Somolia, Sudan, Afganistan, Iraq, Syria, etc…., GET THE PICTURE? BTW, I am not in law enforcement or ever have been. Been arrested quite a few times in my life. Not a fellon though. Dumb s%#t I guess you could say. This Captain is for real though. Good luck gathering up these low life’s and may God protect you all. J.T.

  2. God bless each one of our police across our country‼️
    Right & Wrong , law & order is the key to our security no matter who you are rich or poor ‼️

  3. So true and nice to hear somebody not being afraid of these bad guys. The police have a very hard job and if more people respected that then it would make things much easier.

  4. What does showing the faces of known criminals have to do with the police killing INNOCENT people.
    Nobody has any issue with the police dealing with criminals.
    The problem is that they have been killing INNOCENT people.
    This video is a mockery of the innocent people slain by police.

  5. This is a message that needs to be shared across all mediums. LEO’S coupled with citizenry input will restore order … Add to that Mr Trumps stance on controlling our borders/law and order and we have a win win situation.

  6. This video is powerful and a testament to law enforcement’s versatility in getting the message across.

  7. So, I am very interested and concerned as to why I cannot find reference to this video on a Google search. If anyone has any liable reason as to why, please let me know.

  8. I’m surprised the Black Lives Matter group hasn”t stood up to black on black violence in every community in the US. Instead they choose to protest the exceptionally small percentage where a white officer shoots a black man, armed and unarmed. Why don’t they put their efforts where it would really make a difference, in our communities around the US. They would make such a difference reducing those statistics rather than the very few Police shootings…

  9. lol that would mean we’d take it back from blm and crooked bully cops like the ones in the video

  10. When a suspect acts like they have a gun, when they refuse direction and/or make sudden movements they are NOT innocent people.

  11. Another blm advocate ….. gang members kill more people than police ever have.
    Stop being part of the problem.

  12. Jason wake up in no way is this video a mockery of any type it’s simply a warning to all thug groups running around that think they are bad asses when in fact they nothing more then a cancer on society and I hope when they do hunt them down they are stupid enough to pull their stolen guns.

  13. When you say we do you mean the thug community because anybody with a lick of sence would be glad to have this Police Chief and his men protecting their community.

  14. Chicago has the most shootings of all U.S. cities. 4,331 shootings in 2016, with 762 murders.
    80% of the murder victims are black males.
    “Less than half of One percent” of all shootings in that city involved police officers shooting civilians.
    Chicago also has the strictest gun laws in the country.

  15. Reminds me of the song The Night Chicago Died.
    That’s what needs to be done. President elect Trump may have it right.

  16. Jason you are a moron. These police officers are targeting the thugs that keep people afraid to go out of their homes. If it came down to it I would be proud to stand with them and fight along side them. Who would you stand alone side with. I’d doubt you would even show up.

  17. Former cop who shoved the 125 member violent street gang in the County off my beat. It had been the highest crime beat in the most violent city in the nation with 450+ burglaries a month, murders, rapes, robberies, kidnaps, stabbings, shootings, the biggest illegal alien trafficking route in the nation, and little old me with one cop each on two other shifts. We went into the attack mode, round the clock. In 3 months, that beat had no murders, rapes, robberies, stabbings, kidnaps, shootings, and burglaries were down to less than one a week. That’s because that gang and the hookers and their pimps decided (forced voluntary compliance) that there were better places for them to be. I proved, against department political correctness, that any cop on any beat in any city in our nation can do this. We can win if we decide to. The department couldn’t stop me from USING our laws, though some tried. All it takes is willingness and determination and a Marine with tenacity. You’ve all got what it takes. I pray for you and our country. We now have a leader with what it takes, I think. So, go for it. But the main item on your list must be, Jesus is Lord and this IS a Christian nation (doesn’t mean everybody is a Christian). Stand rather than kneel. Thank you Sheriff! You are correct; they’re wimpy punks who never man up alone.

  18. If you make the opportunity, watch the YouTube video, Battle Of Athens (Tennessee, 1946). Grind our corrupt leadership’s faces in the dirt.

  19. It seemed like a good idea at the time and was meant with good intentions,, but challenging criminals to come out to fight LEO might just get a few LEO ambushed or even worse bring it their doorsteps and jeopardize the safety of their families. This was done without the approval of the sheriff department,, and some of the other officers agencies,, and there were reprimands issued over it.

  20. Ken Picard in Vermont is using child rape as a weapon. He has a criminal mafia racketeering to continue a child rape ring using municipal and State government resources in Vermont. I was starved, assaulted by cops, defrauded, censored, libeled, infrginged (copyright), falsely imprisoned, terrorized. Right now the State of Louisiana is under attack whenever Ken Picard’s article is read because it uses coded messages to deliver a subliminal communication. The communication clarifies his rape ring with an organization which defends against any who cross their ‘protection’ lines. It is a WMD. More at BernieSandersZodiacKiller.Com. STOP CHILD MOLESTERS IN POLICE

  21. This video wasn’t sanctioned by this Cpt police department. It was done as part of a Crime Stoppers commercial. Challenging thugs to a fight was a bad mistake on this LEO’s part. Thugs have no codes of honor. Challenging them only put other LEO and their families at risk. This was not professional,, and made it personal,, thus bringing it to the home doorsteps of other LEO. I agree it sounds good and was well intentioned,, but it was pulled and reprimands given for how it was done.

  22. Shared and you have my support sir. We have taken back our country and I will support you and all who defend her.

  23. Jason,you are part of the problem! Thugs that rob,riot,shoot at police are not innocent,especially when they resist arrest,a felony. Use your brain[?] for something other than a sponge for racist BS.

  24. I would not mess with these guys, as I know one personally.

    It was all I could do to fit him in my car. Y’all had best get on down to the church and kneel.

  25. Fake News Headline. No where in the video does the officer mention “BLM/Black Lives Matter”. Yet in the headline it says “BLM Thug”. The “Gremlins” are a street gang. The officer said in the video that this is not a racial thing, in the mug shots used you even see a white guy. Yet, here you are, American Journal Review, throwing BLM into it to try race bait. From looking at the comments here, you were successful. Your Grand Wizard must be proud.

  26. Branishing…someone might shoot him because they fear for their lifes..cops should not tell you they arehunting you and want to kill you….police mentality

  27. Jason, be a real American, instead of trying to twist the story for your personal use, stand with the police when they are in the right. Which is almost all of the time. Have the fortitude to post a message in agreement with those fighting for the safety of their communities.

  28. I respect cops but I had to crack up when this certain officer tried acting hard saying he lifts weight that weighs more than the person he’s directing this to. lol Yeah right! I don’t think that officer can do one push up

  29. Jason, get the entire story from beginning to end before you label the incidents in ’16 as anything other than what they were. Ever heard of resisting arrest ?

  30. Yes black life matter, just ask how many black live are saved or Protected across America by American police officers, yes there are tragic shooting by the cops and some are clearly wrong, but those number of shootings are minuscule compared to black on black crimes.

  31. You’re correct. He is no longer with the Sheriff’s Department. He is a U.S. Congressman!

  32. It’s the first time I’ve seen it and if it was not directed to BLM just who in Gods name was it intended for?

  33. This is a feel good act by the police. Taking a moment to posture, will not help the situation. The Cop is liable to get a bullet in the back though. That’s how they do…

  34. Jason you are a complete IDIOT. Yes the few and I mean few that have died from being shot by a police man is low compared to the black killing black. Why don’t you cry about that? Why don’t you step up and criticize the Black on Black killings? Figures you are just another crybaby and must be a liberal to boot. Grow the hell up and defend your town, city, county, and country instead of running your mouth like an idiot.

  35. T.Beak it is people like you that deserve to get shot. You are what’s wrong with society today. Of course you are probably a wannabe thug, If you cared about anything I would think you would care if another black man or woman was going to come up and shoot you just because they can. It is mindless idiots like you that keep the racial divide going. Grow up get an education get a job and contribute something to society rather than a drain on society. Stupid is as Stupid does.

  36. If BLM matter so much why did one of their brothers (OBOMA) not once in the eight years that he was the KING stand up and do something.

  37. You have fell out the tree and landed on your head hard if you think this is about cops shooting innocent people. Yes it does happen because there are bad police officers out there. But to think those that were shown and named are nothing but violent street thugs you are a misguided fool.

  38. Jason please join these thugs so the cops can shoot you down as well .I promise you no one will care when your gone because you are an IDIOT

  39. jason you are full of chit more blacks are killed by blacks.. you just want your nimute of fame and it hit you in the arse

  40. First off this video seemingly has nothing to do with BLM as the title suggest. It is an officer calling out gang specific gang members, not advocates for black equality. And good for him for calling out criminals.
    Second Jim….Jim, Jim, Jim. I don’t know T. Beak or you but I can surely read. You just told someone they deserved to be shot because they are what’s wrong with society. All they said was they felt this video advocated violence and they would resist. As is their right. You on the other hand disagreed by saying they deserved to be shot! Then further belittled them saying they are stupid, a drain on society, mindless idiot, wanna be thug, uneducated, jobless…and yet it’s him keeping up the racial divide. I think it’s people like you who make snap judgements and take them to an immediate and illogical extreme that keep up any divide. Racial or otherwise, as you instantly shut down dialogue by immediately disparaging different opinions. You may learn more and be more effective if you keep your mouth shut sometimes and listen. But you take it a step further saying they should be shot. Shot! Seriously you just advocated for someone to get shot then said they are the problem. I’m glad you feel empowered by the anonymity of the internet to act that way but you sound more like the thugs described in the video than an advocate for law and order.

  41. Don’t waste time trying to arrest these men, you see them, kill them. The won’t face you one on one, the only have guts in numbers. They will shoot you in the back.

  42. For one congrads on the sherrif making congressman. Second of all some things need to be HANDLED in diffetently than other these men wanted by the law are murdering people. Influencing witnesses by ways we dont know to keep from testifying. This gang are domestic terrosits. Say hell yeah props to the sherriff who man up and invite them out to handle their business like real men. This gang like this and others needs to abolished they are no diffetent than the idiot csmel jockeys that want to blow up and kill Americans. I say hell yeah get’er done. Fuck them ( the gang)

  43. Are you really that stupid? Next time you need a cop, call one of your crack head buddies!

  44. I don’t think you realize that by the 2050s the majority of Americans WILL more closely resemble people of color.

  45. You ARE AWARE that these men have never once mentioned affiliation with the Black lives matter movement, right? I’m Caucasian myself but I’m not stupid enough to instantly throw around BLM whenever Black people in gangs are doing unjust things. Get your facts straight, and TRY AGAIN.

  46. Very good message and I stand behind that message and would stand beside these officers willing to fight with them, but please don’t group these punks into the same category as us “Heathens”. We have honor and respect and act nothing like these punk ass bitch kids.

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