ABC’s Woke President Hits Major Snag That Will Cost Her Dearly



Back in 2021, ABC bragged about the appointment of Kim Godwin as president of their news network. Godwin was the first black president in the network’s history. You can imagine how much they bragged about this decision since it ticked all the “diversity” boxes.

But, as we’ve seen time and again, putting race and gender ahead of competence is a recipe for disaster.

The complaints over Godwin wouldn’t stop pouring in. It seems Godwin was dropping the ball all over the place, according to employees. But the final straw was when Good Morning America saw a drop in ratings. An overseer of the network launched an investigation against Godwin. That’s when she made this sudden move.

From Daily Caller:
ABC News President Kim Godwin stepped down Sunday night following an investigation into her management of her network.

The overseer of the network, Debra O’Connell, opened a corporate investigation into Godwin and other senior executives over the growing frustration among staffers, vacant top positions and the drop in ratings at its prominent program, “Good Morning America.” …

Godwin rose to the position in January 2021 after the departure of James Goldston, becoming the first black president in the network’s history with the backing of The National Association of Black Journalists.

Kin Godwin, the first black president of ABC News, announced she was leaving her job. In an email to staff, she announced she was retiring “from broadcast journalism.” Godwin claims she was doing this to “prioritize what’s most important for me and my family.”

But this resignation comes after she became the subject of a corporate investigation over her leadership at the news network. Her leadership style had been called into question. She left several key positions vacant, without explanation. And top shows saw their ratings drop.

The network even lost notable talent under her leadership as she laid off executives. It is unclear why these executives were kicked out, but it seems it left a bad taste in many employees’ mouths.

Critics will surely comment on Godwin’s ignoble departure from the network. ABC undoubtedly crowed about hiring a black woman to oversee their entire news organization. Yet she, according to reports, was a terrible leader who hurt the network. It is hard not to assume ABC put identity politics and diversity ideology ahead of skill.

Despite this huge embarrassment, it is unlikely that the network—and the rest of the liberal media—will learn its lesson. Liberals will continue to push DEI over competence, skill, or talent.