Actress Wears a Mosque Outfit, But Then Receives a Backlash Because it’s Deemed “Inappropriate”


There is no doubt that actress Amber Heard has been one busy woman lately. She is deeply embroiled in a libel suit being levied against her from her former husband, Johnny Depp. She participated in that in London over the week, and then she took a brief break to go on holiday in Turkey. Now, you would think that Heard would have encountered some backlash in the middle of this trial, but she actually has garnered much of her personal difficulty from WHERE she decided to holiday to and some of her activities there. Apparently, Miss Heard will need to brush up on some of the local customs the next time she decides to visit a foreign country for a vacation.

Heard proceeded to post a picture on Instagram where she showed off being dressed in a pink hijab, complete with a button down shirt along with a white silk blouse. She did this while she was posing just outside of a mosque. However, the locals weren’t too thrilled about it, to say the least.

“It’s important to be conservative when you are visiting a religious building,” one person wrote regarding the first outfit that she shared. “You need to interpret their culture and customs correctly. First, you weren’t correctly wearing the scarf as it didn’t cover your hair. Next, your nipples were clearly visible through the top. Finally, the worst thing you did was that you photographed and filmed people who were in the middle of worship.”

Heard tried to respond to the criticism by posting another picture of her travels in Istanbul on Wednesday, and this time she was in another mosque, the famous Hagia Sophia. She had her neck fully covered, had on a headscarf, and wore a face mask.

“These mosques are real places,” she wrote. “They are real just like museums and churches. So are the head scarfs (in which they are usually required if you want to visit one of these places. Mystery solved,” is how she finished up her caption.

“You could stare and look around for years upon end and never get bored with the Hagia Sophia,” she continued. “I will never be less amazed. It is such a stunning place, and no longer a museum as of just a few weeks ago. I do feel lucky that I am still able to see part of it.”

Of course, they ask us conservatives to be culturally sensitive, but apparently they will give the liberals such as Miss Heard a free pass. What do you think about her cultural slip-ups?