Adams Hits The Issues As Biden Bares His ‘Soul’

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Joe Biden doesn’t want to admit that Surgeon General Jerome Adams has already identified a key racial reality, that minorities of color are most severely hit by the epidemic. Dr. Adams is already on the job working on it. Struggling not to be pushed to the background by the crisis, Joe Biden jumped on a chance to emphasize how much “soul” he has.

Surgeon General Adams works while Biden plans

Joe Biden’s campaign staff is getting worried that their mild-mannered candidate isn’t getting any face time with the network media. Seeking to capitalize on the huge poll bounce that Biden got from the minority community, he put out a message targeted at people of color.

It’s “unconscionable,” Biden insists, “that black, Latino and Native American populations are appearing to report disproportionately high coronavirus cases and deaths.” While sleepy Joe Biden wasn’t looking, Surgeon General Jerome Adams is already producing solutions.

It isn’t that the virus was designed to target minorities. The virus itself seems to do the worst damage to overweight males of all races. The problem is that minorities usually don’t get the best of health care in the first place, making them more vulnerable.

What came as a shocking surprise to Biden is very familiar to the Surgeon General. He pulled out his asthma inhaler to underscore his own health issues from a “legacy of growing up poor and black in America.”

Biden crunches the numbers

“This pandemic has shown us the importance of leading with science and following the data — but we can’t follow the data if we don’t have it.”

Biden’s team noticed that since minorities “are less likely to have health insurance, health care or jobs where they can stay at home,” then they are much more likely “to have underlying conditions.” Also, “they’re more likely to have to choose between their health and a paycheck.”

It’s not clear what Biden plans to do once he gets the data, but he insists its urgently needed by the public right now. “The challenge for us as leaders is ensuring support gets to those who need it immediately, and doing the necessary work to rip out the structural racism that creates these inequalities wherever we find it.”

Dr. Adams takes charge

Dr. Adams took charge and is doing something about the problem. The administration is “taking steps now.” More details will be provided but his staff is working on “data collection, targeted outreach to communities of color and increasing financial, employment, education, housing, social and health supports so that everybody has an equal chance to be healthy.”

Crucial to tracking the demographics of the virus spread, Medicare data will be used “to analyze how race may play a factor.” According to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Administrator Seema Verma, “Going forward, we now have a code for coronavirus, so we can actually stratify by demographic information. So we can look at race as a factor.”

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