Afghan ‘Refugees’ Are Being Sent Here With HORRIFIC Diseases!


Not only Biden is fond of settling illegal aliens in our beloved country, but also unsafe refugees are on his happy lists.

The crisis in the Southern Border has been quite a headache not only for us Americans but also for Mexican officials. Biden just can’t say no to immigrants.

After his political ending debacle in Afghanistan, It resulted in chaos for trapped Americans and Afghans but a huge victory for his Taliban friends. As a courtesy, Talibans was also able to gain possession of high-end military types of equipment that is worth billions of US dollars from American taxpayers. His evacuation plan is also a big issue.

The United States has also asked commercial flights to help with the evacuation of Americans and Afghans that is still trapped in Kabul.

Recently, At least six Afghan refugees have been diagnosed with measles after arriving in the United States.

The Washington Post has reported that there are about six child evacuees from Afghanistan who traveled through Virginia who has been diagnosed with measles, state public health officials said Tuesday, as they worked to notify people who were potentially exposed to the virus.

The Virginia Department of Health initially said Friday that three people who arrived from Afghanistan had been diagnosed with measles in northern Virginia. The agency said it was informing people who risked possible exposure at places that included Dulles International Airport and two local hospitals.

Now, this is what President Joe Biden is bringing to our country, from ISIS-ridden refugees, not virus-carrying refugees too.

Sources: The Gateway Pundit, The Washington Post