ALERT: $160 Billion Class Action Lawsuit Against Dominion And Mark Zuckerberg. They ARE DONE!


It’s not always the truth that the people who control the ballot box are the ones that control the election. Sometimes it is someone else entirely.

It is the guy that controls the newspapers, and all the ways that information gets out. Think of it this way, a newspaper or TV station can slant something anyway that they want, it doesn’t mean that they have to tell the truth.

Look at the majority of your social media platforms. If you say something that is against how they feel things should be said, they will quickly try to silence you. It has gotten to the point that any sort of political view online has to be put through a vetting process.

We all know about the irregularities alleged during the 2020 election. Now, a small patriotic group, Our Vote Matters, has created a 160 billion dollar lawsuit against many alleged perpetrators of these…’irregularities.’

In the video, below, Gary Fielder says he has 30 years of experience in constitutional and civil rights complaints. He and his partners in this lawsuit claim to have a lot of experience in such matters. And they felt that the proper way to approach the issue of possible election fraud was to create a class action lawsuit. This has not been tried before But, if this gains traction, Gary and his team will need help pursuing this massive undertaking.

“The best way to approach the situation was to do a damages claim–do a class action lawsuit…pretty soon we had…8 different people from 6 different states.” These 8 people are now the original plaintiffs in this massive nationwide class action lawsuit.

“There were many many actors” that “violated the rights of the voters in the United States,” according to Gary.

“We need a big firm to help us out, but in order to get this rocket off the launch pad”, says Gary, they had to start small. However, there will be massive costs associated with this undertaking in order to get expert witnesses and dedicated law professionals to review massive amounts of data.

Gary believes that even if they lose it will still be a victory. Mountains of information will be seen by the public on a scale that hasn’t yet been allowed to occur through a trial. And it will be seen by a jury of every day people rather than just a judge who may ignore it or have a poor understanding of the data.

“There will ultimately be a request for injunctive relief. There will ultimately be some changes. And, just the public disclosure of information…what can be proven to a jury…is going to be the difference maker in this case as opposed to others that may have gotten dismissed or didn’t gain any traction”

Gary says that he filed the complaint on December 22nd. Now they are preparing for numerous costly and time-consuming objections that are inevitable on the part of the defendants. The whole process that will likely take at least a few years.

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