ALERT – ANOTHER Man Found DEAD Just Days After Making THIS Shock Hillary Announcement


As the Clinton body count continues to stack up, you have to start wondering if Hillary Clinton is a presidential candidate or a high-ranking mafia don. If we have the misfortune of “electing” Hillary as the next president, this pattern is likely to continue.

There have been four suspicious deaths in the last 60 days related to Hillary Clinton or the Democratic National Committee, and the latest one is prominent author and radio personality Victor Thorn, per Thorn, 54, was best known for a number of exposés into the Clintons.

The real “freaky” thing about this is how this latest unfortunate addition to the Clinton body count has played itself out. Thorn was on a recent radio show and said “…if I’m ever found dead, it was murder. I would never kill myself.”

Just days later, however, Mr. Thorn allegedly shot himself on a mountain near his home on August 1st, his birthday. Incidentally, that was the same day Hillary was chosen for her coronation as the Democrat nominee.

Thorn had an impressive resume, having written 20 books and 30 chapbooks regarding the Clintons, their history, their power, and the many scandals they were enveloped in.

When he wasn’t busy chronicling the sexual assaults of Bill Clinton, dishonesty, affairs, cover-ups, or rumors of Hillary being a lesbian, he was also an investigative reporter for the American Free Press.

Thorn’s death was ruled a suicide, and it would have appeared to have been an open-and-shut case in that regard had it not been for his statement just a few days earlier.

Many people are finding this man’s alleged “suicide” too coincidental to be true. At this count, Hillary Clinton now has up to 40 deaths linked to her enterprise.

So far, Hillary has been successful at warding off these rumors simply by dismissing them as conspiracy theories. However, the fact that Thorn warned the American people and then, sure enough, died not too long after is proof that Clinton critics tend to meet untimely ends.

The sad fact of the matter is that the body count is only going to get worse if this woman is “elected” president of the United States. We can only imagine the people that will come out with information about her at that point… but we already know how they will end up!

Enough is enough. There is only one “office” Hillary belongs in, and it is one behind bars. We need to elect Donald Trump and hold Hillary Clinton accountable and stop letting her get away with her litany of crimes!


5 thoughts on “ALERT – ANOTHER Man Found DEAD Just Days After Making THIS Shock Hillary Announcement

  1. When are Americans going to wake up to what is going on in the Clinton headquarters. She is a killer who should be put behind bars yet she has those stupid followers who for some reason won’t open their eyes and ears and listen to what is being said, not by the TV media but here on the internet about her. She is the most vile person who ever ran for President. No wonder Russia and their hacker is letting the world know what we have in the US running to be president of this nation, it puts us to shame that we now don’t have the greatest country in the world, not with her trying to run it. Vote Trump. Read what is posted on the internet, you will never hear it on TV.

  2. When this piece of Garbage KIllary was in the White House Killary had a Hit Squad who took care of any body that opposed her! She ran a Secret Police Hit Squad of top aides who were told to intimidate critics, political opponents and silence Willies Sex Partners. They were told to Clean up and and disappear any Scandals endangering there lust for Power. There Hit Man, Larry Nichols, has confessed to the fact he was one of them. One of Willies Sex Assault Victims Kathleen Willey said she was groped by Willie in the Oval Office in 1993 and afterwards Killary hired Goons to watch her and follow her and intimidate her, to silence her. She also found one of her Cats dead on her Office Desk to keep her from talking. This Dangerous Women is Capable of anything. She sold her Soul to the Devil long ago.

  3. Americans better wake up before November 8th or Hillary will become president and this will become a socialist, communist, third world country. Her running mate, Tim Kaine just had dinner with GEORGE SOROS son. George Soros is the billionaire that has given hundreds of millions of dollars to the Clintons and he also fund black lives matter.

    Wake up America – we are about to be destroyed right before our eyes. I’m voting for Trump. He is our last hope for a democracy and to straighten this country out and get jobs coming back to America. He will help the veterans, he will support the police, save the coal miners jobs and build a wall. Hillary wants to bring in 550% more Syrian refugees and we have to pay for everything for them when they get here . Please pray that Trump wins and please get to the polls on November 8th. The democrats are going to try and steal this election from Trump for sure.

  4. What happened to Kennedy a white wash just like Hillary does bad things and get a white wash Those who vote for her will also get their due reward GOD IS IN CONTROL DONT U FORGET IT

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