ALERT: Joe Biden ADMITS He Has Cancer!


Did Joe Biden just announce he has cancer? I know the White House is in panic mode right now…

How come Biden even forgot not to announce his medical condition to the public? This is the biggest bombshell in presidential history by far. Either that or he dropped the biggest gaffe.

We recently knew that Joe Biden has been hiding in the White House for 3 days before he traveled to Brayton Point in Massachusetts on Wednesday where he will talk about his Marxist climate change agenda.

About 20 chairs were laid out for Joe’s big speech…but he totally got 81 million votes in 2020.

While speaking in Massachusetts, Biden claimed to have “cancer,” citing supposed oil slicks on the windows of cars. Apparently, being exposed to oil residue as a child gives you cancer later in life? I don’t know. None of what he says in the following clip makes sense, and it’s best to just take it for what it is.

Here’s the exact quote:

“Biden: “You had to put on your windshield wipers to get literally the oil slick off the window. That’s why I and so damn many other people I grew up have cancer.””

You can watch the video below:

The White House responded to Biden’s possible gaffe – or casual announcement that he has cancer.

The White House said Biden does not have cancer and referred reporters to a ‘fact-check’ from WaPo’s Glenn Kessler.

Here’s what Glenn Kessler said in a tweet:

“How dumb is this tweet? Check out Biden’s medical report. Before he became president, he’d had non-melanoma skin cancers removed. Has no one at @RNCResearch ever had this common procedure?”

Glenn got ripped pretty good since Biden was speaking in the “present tense,” not “past tense.”

Brit Hume set Glenn straight:

“The medical report you cited in your thread says he HAD skin cancers removed and has since had actinic keratoses frozen off since. Today, Biden say he HAS cancer.”

Words matter, Glenn.

And here’s what folks online have to say:

  • “Joe Biden has cancer!!!”
  • “That would explain a lot about memory/brain fog due to treatments if true.”
  • “And with this one line, none of the rest of the renewables speech will get attention.”
  • “What?! Does he have cancer? I know we have to read in between the lines within him. He’s a terrible president but I don’t wish any harm on him. He’s in my prayers”
  • “His presidency is cancerous.”
  • “His comms team is punching air right now”

This is actually totally normal stuff from a guy who rarely seems to know what day it is and is so obviously suffering from severe mental decline. I don’t remember past presidents being so confused that they mistakenly claim to currently have cancer, but for Biden, it’s just another day in paradise.

Perhaps Dr. Jill Biden can come out and clarify Joe Biden’s cancer announcement.

Source: WayneDupree