When Trump says that the election is being stolen, you have to take him at his word because we have to look at what is going on around the country.

With all of the mail-in ballots coming in, we really cannot tell how many of them are actually legal ballots and how many of them were filled out by the same person.

Just look at the flip/flop way the organizations have been issuing return announcements….

Last night Fox News (still think they are on our side?) called Arizona way before the state had been decided.  This was the beginning of all the confusion that followed, well now, according to some Arizona is yet to be decided.  Again, I am not making any statement of fact, I am not claiming Trump won the state, I am just saying it appears that way less of the total votes were counted than we were lead to believe …

Breitbart is reporting:

A data error in Arizona’s vote count percentage made it appear a higher percentage of the vote had been counted Wednesday morning.

The error was found in Edison Research data, and identified by New York Times editor Patrick LaForge.

Initially, figures showed that 98 percent of the vote had been tallied, but as of 12:09 p.m., 86 percent of the vote was counted.

News organizations quickly corrected the error.

In Arizona’s vote count, Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden won 51 percent of the vote while President Donald Trump won 47.6 percent of the vote, according to the Arizona Secretary of State website.

More than 2.7 million votes have been counted. Biden is in the lead by just under 100,000 votes.

Both the Associated Press and Fox News named Biden the winner in Arizona. Trump won the state of Arizona by four points in 2016.

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