We have all seen close games before, and for the most part they take place on an even playing field for the two teams that are competing against one another.

Now, imagine if you will the same two teams have different rules. Like imagine in the World Series if one team had four strikes and then they were out and the other team had two…that’s what happened in the 2020 election.

Before the COVID started, Trump was far and away going to be elected to a second term. Then after, the Democrat spin machine took hold and they did everything they could to get every fake vote that they could. Added to that, they still barely won…

A newly released book entitled “Lucky: How Joe Biden Barely Won the Presidency” features a senior member of the Biden team admitting the truth about how they won the election.

Biden’s top advisor Anita Dunn, 63, who also served as former President Barack Obama’s communications chief, is quoted in the book privately acknowledging that the COVID pandemic was “the best thing to have ever happened to” Biden.

Dunn, who has been a prominent left-wing political operative in Washington, D.C. for several years, apparently gave credit to the pandemic for covering up Biden’s failures.

It is clear to most people that one of the biggest reasons that Joe Biden is in office is because the media succeeded in painting Trump’s handling of the pandemic in a negative light. Biden was able to take advantage of that fact, claiming that he could handle the crisis better.

From what we can see now over a month into Biden’s leadership, his claims were not true. Regardless, the suffering of the American people was beneficial to the Biden team, and they definitely used it to their advantage.

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