ALERT: What’s Happening In California Right Now Is TERRIFYING

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California is one of my dream states to live in. While I don’t agree with all of their laws and regulations, the weather and atmosphere are almost unbeatable. There are tons of people, so you are bound to find a group of them with similar interests to your own. For all the good vibes that are generally associated with California though, they definitely have their problems. They are in a severe drought, and it shows no signs of letting up. Oh yeah, and their coastline is literally crumbling beneath them!california_cliffs_06

California’s coastline has long been a concern for people living there.


Looking up and down California’s coastline you will see homes on the brink of collapse from the ground giving way from underneath them.


This would be an absolute nightmare for any homeowner.


Imagine standing, looking out over the ocean, and all of a sudden the ground underneath you just gives way. You are sent crashing down, slamming into rocks, and eventually buried by dirt and boulders.


I can’t imagine owning a multi-million dollar home on the coast and having to watch it fall into the ocean.


Hundreds of thousands of homes are being threatened by this naturally occurring environmental happening.


The soft sedimentary soil is not adequate enough to support the homes and apartments being built along the coast line.


Constantly shifting tectonic plates do not help matters in the slightest either.


I can’t imagine being a developer and putting millions of dollars into a condo or apartment complex, only to have it destroyed by a crumbling California coastline.


It’s not just residences that are being affected. Numerous businesses are located along the coastline as well.


Apparently living in paradise is not always what it seems.


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