Americans Are 100% Fed Up With All These Flag Protests. Here Are The NFL Ratings That Prove It

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For many NFL fans, the game has long been a kind of escape — a way to relax after a hard day’s work, show loyalty to a beloved team, or just kick back and have fun with friends.

Over the past year, though, Americans have begun to notice another element that’s been gaining more and more prominence within the sport: politics.

Now, with seemingly every NFL game involving some kind of player protest, fans are sending the league a clear message that they’re fed up, by boycotting the NFL:

Tonight will be a silent protest against the anti-American “national” football league. Turn off the TV.#BoycottNFL

Across the board, fans have expressed a number of motivations for supporting #BoycottNFL, including respect for law enforcement:

Count me in Boycott the NFL

— LiberatedCitizen (@LiberatedCit) September 12, 2016

And the military:

Those who sit during the National Anthem disgust me. Men died so you could have the freedom to earn those millions!#boycottNFL@NFL

— Deneen Rae (@Drivefasterbaby) September 10, 2016

Jonathan Reed

— J.La❤ (@Janetlarose1) September 16, 2016

And out of concern about the message players are sending to impressionable young Americans:

Our youth need better role models #BoycottNFL

— Pastor Bones (@pastorbones) September 11, 2016

But most of all, it seems to be a matter of national pride:

#boycottNFL@NFL Leave it off the field!Boycotting NFL until it returns to the All American sport as it was intended

— Dreaming of Peace (@cjsienna55) September 11, 2016

After @NFLcommish support for players dishonoring America and her flag, I’m taking a knee on the entire@NFL season.#BoycottNFL#NFLBoycott

— Upstate Voice (@UpstateVoice) September 13, 2016

@nflcommish when you allow players to disrespect and not allow others to show respect, it’s time to#BoycottNFL!

— FLPrincess4Trump♛ (@lollicakesFL) September 11, 2016

What’s more, it’s a boycott that appears to be catching on.

According to Forbes, the NFL’s 2016 season opener saw a ratings drop of 8% compared to 2015 and 6% compared to 2014.

The following Sunday’s numbers were even worse, coming in 13% lower than last year’s, with Forbes noting:

“This also marked the lowest overnight season-opening rating in seven years.”

On Sunday, the Commissioner of the NFL himself, Roger Goodell, weighed in on his players’ protests, calling them “progress” and “something we’re going to encourage.”

It was a viewpoint that clearly did little to stem the tide of the NFL boycott:

Roger Goodell praised the anti-American demonstrations by the players. Remember, taxpayers pay for their stadiums!

— vanguard ninja (@INTJutsu) September 19, 2016

For some, like boycott supporter James Olson, the fact that the NFL is allowing players like Colin Kaepernick to stage their protests on a nationally televised platform is just as infuriating as anything else:

“Sports used to not be a stage for this, and now it is, so I’m turning it off…

You can do this on our own time. Rent a stage somewhere and see if you can get a crowd of 70,000 people.”

In what might be a reflection of the growing boycott, disappointing numbers continued to roll in this week, with ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” reportedly earning its lowest ever ratings for this point in the season.

While the majority of the NFL season still left to play out, however, it’s difficult to say if the boycott will continue to thrive.

In the event that it does, time will tell if the National Football League will take a stand on this issue, or simply be content to lose viewership over its athletes’ political demonstrations.


0 thoughts on “Americans Are 100% Fed Up With All These Flag Protests. Here Are The NFL Ratings That Prove It

  1. Viewers and attendees is what pays the bills. If view ratings go down so does revenue. If you really want to kick the NFL in the knockers, contact every company that advertise the games and state simply…..I will refuse to buy this product until the NFL changes its attitude about these million dollar wimps. Just one soldiers life is worth more than all the NFL together. A flag identifies the country, and the anthem brings the citizens together in song for that country.
    Krapernickle… have enough money that if you really have something to say, you can rent a stage somewhere else, but at a game is not the place for you to be political. If you have to do something, get out in the community’s and give them support there . That would be positive attention unlike the negative attention you are getting now.

  2. These people are stealing the time set aside to show respect for our country, and publicly using it for their own interests. Its being done on the time and the dime of the owners, and I’m confused as to why the owners are putting up with it. If these ungrateful jerks don’t wish to respect our flag, then do something – fire them – suspend then – confine their asses to the locker room until the opening ceremonies are done – just get them off the field. They have a right to their beliefs, and are covered under the first amendment, but there is no law stating that team owners have to provide the forum for them to promote their agendas. The NFL are going to loose big time unless they stop this disrespect. On a personal note – these people are Americans, living in America, playing for an American team for American fans. The are collecting obscene amounts of American money. I personally would like to see them fired – with their negative attitudes against our country, why are the being paid to represent. No one is irreplaceable. Are these the roll models we want for kids.

  3. There is a need to take it to the next level. Boycott the sponsor’s of NFL games. Hit the NFL in the pocket book.

  4. It IS your right to kneel for the National Anthem, just it is my right to turn off my T.V. during your games,or better yet don’t buy tickets to the game or buy products from your sponsors! What kind of example are you sending to our young athletes? Let me get this straight, instead of trying to change things in our Country by setting a good example, you choose to be childish and non- patriotic? I’ll bet you parents, fans, and fellow team members are proud of you! NOT!

  5. I hope people continue to boycott them. I love football but I have a family full of police officers and vetrans who served their country. There is no wondering what I’m going to do. By the way, your add are the trashiest ads I’ve seen on a website. I have no desire to see mostly naked women while i try to read an article!

  6. I’m done with the NFL and any other sport that allows their members to disrespect our Flag and Our Country! They are paid to play a sport not make political statements! They can do that away from the job and on their dime not mine!
    Furthermore I will not be supporting any of the NFL sponsors with my hard earned money while these mostly uneducated morons are allowed to continue their disrespect! Now there’s progress for you!

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