An NFL Legend Is Facing Cancellation After What He Said Live On The Air….


Liberal journalists erupted that Troy Aikman was sexist after the “Monday Night Football” commentator remarked on a controversial penalty that it was time to “take the dresses off” with regard to excessive roughing-the-passer calls.

On Oct. 10, Aikman took a dim view of a roughing the passer call against Kansas City defensive tackle Chris Jones after he sacked Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr.

Following a head-scratching roughing the passer call during the second quarter of the game between the Raiders and the Chiefs, Aikman voiced his displeasure with the officials with a comment some deemed misogynistic.

“My hope is the competition committee looks at this in the next set of meetings, and, you know, we take the dresses off,” the Hall of Fame quarterback and Cowboy legend said after Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones sacked Raiders quarterback Derek Carr.

After making a contentious comment during the “Monday Night Football” coverage of the Chiefs-Raiders game, Troy Aikman has been targeted by liberals.

Brandon Scott said I don’t feel like “take the dresses off” is the euphemism ESPN wants Aikman to use when criticizing a weak roughing-the-passer call.

Some Twitter users criticized Aikman for his choice of words, which some considered “sexist,” despite the fact that the call itself caused outrage given that another contentious roughing the passer penalty had been issued just one day earlier involving Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and Falcons defensive tackle Grady Jarrett.

Did Aikman actually say what I interpreted him to have said? Did he just actually remark that the league has to “take the gowns off”? The 1960s have returned, and they want their chauvinists. “Do better than that junk, seriously ” tweeted Jason Page.

Another tweet read, “Wow. This is the message Aikman is sending to our youth? Troy Aikman take some time and think about the harmful narrative you’re peddling”.

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Source: AWM