ANOTHER Democrat Leader Says The GOP Is Taking Over…


This Democrat-Socialist is now whining on national television and accusing Republicans of the chief criminal conspiracy of his own party in 2020.

The Democratic cult is now in full mode panicked and uses left-leaning media outlets to spread their socialist propaganda. Seeing this proves how desperate these Dems are, their alarm over the 2022 mid-term elections which are largely projected to favor Republicans.

Former intelligence source for China, Eric Swalwell (D-CA) and thoroughly disgraced Congressman told MSNBC host Chris Hayes:

“I’m worried that if Republicans win in the midterm elections, that voting as we know it in this country will be gone,” Swalwell said. “They’re already putting as many barriers to the ballot box as possible in Arizona, Florida, Texas, Georgia. And on the other side of the finish line, they’re putting in place processes where they could reverse the outcome even if we crawl through glass and run through the fire to get to the ballot box. And so if they are able to win the House, the damage they could do to permanently make it difficult to vote and just alter the way that we participate in the democratic process could be irreversible.”

“This is not only the most important election. If we don’t get it right, it could be the last election,” Swalwell said. “Because they’re also putting in place what I believe is a way to make sure that Donald Trump wins with what they’re doing across state legislatures to allow them to reverse the outcome and the electoral college.”

Matthew Holloway of The GOP Times slammed Swalwell calling him, “China at work:”

“Swalwell and his ilk are counting on the American people to have a short memory. It was Democrats in several states (most notably Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan & Pennsylvania) who unconstitutionally altered the time and manner of the 2020 election, not Republicans. It was Democrats who according to Time magazine, conspired with silicon valley and the mainstream media to “fortify the election” in order to ensure the outcome they wanted, not Republicans. Indeed Swalwell points to various states’ efforts to reverse the damage and roll back the drastic relaxation of voting security as the GOP “putting as many barriers to the ballot box as possible” when in fact they are restoring safeguards stripped away during the COVID hysteria and working to implement signature verification and Voter ID, two desperately needed reforms.

The rampant deceit, misdirection, and vitriolic fear-mongering that Swalwell has ginned up draw serious questions to the Congressman who was once severely compromised, (and found in a compromising position with) intelligence assets from China. His ongoing and hyperbolic attacks against the GOP and indeed against nearly half of the country don’t serve any American interests at all regardless of party, only those who stand to gain from disarming the American people, dividing us, and keeping us in a state of fear and yes: Mass Formation Psychosis can benefit from the rhetoric that the former impeachment manager against President Trump is spouting.

Swalwell even spouted this little flagrantly false rejoinder regarding the Jan. 6th riot.”

Rep. Swalwel is really good at twisting stories, which is not surprising at all. One thing is clear, He isn’t alarmed over the fate of the Republic or about our voting rights. He’s afraid to lose your cushy government job.

Might as well reach out to Fang Fang in Beijing, maybe she can line you up a consulting gig. lol

Sources: TheGOPTimes, MSNBC