Another Doctor Has Diagnosed That Joe Biden Has Alzheimer’s!


It’s an open secret to everyone about Joe’s mental and physical health, I mean I’m no medical expert but you can literally tell that there is something wrong with this guy.

And now, Wayne Dupree’s report confirms Biden’s Alzheimer’s. “This person, who I have vouchsafed anonymity, has been in the field for decades and has specific experience and knowledge with Alzheimer’s patients. This individual thinks the president most likely has the disease.” Wayne Dupree reported.

Wayne Dupree revealed the phone conversation with the Alzheimer’s expert doctor, “A flat affect to his face, it doesn’t register emotions. Shuffling when he walks. Easily irritated, as when he popped off last year at people during campaign stops. There was the White House walking incident, where after Biden got off Marine One he was pointed the right way by the Secret Service into the White House but still meandered another way.”

Just look closely at this video below, is he even knows what he’s doing?  Or where he is?

More from WayneDupree:

To continue the observations. “There is the recent incident where Biden got to a White House event, was asked a question, basically went into a standing fetal position, and clutched his briefing book. We’ve all seen the photo.”

“He seems to have a lack of impulse control (in my case that would explain both my marriages-Ed), which could be due to geriatric frontal lobe issues. There are also signs of dementia.” All this led my friend to conclude, “He does things that someone in retention of all his mental faculties would not do…behavior out of the norm ”

That is a medical analysis. The political analysis is much worse. It means that one of the two major political parties in America, the socialist one, probably with the collusion of Jill Biden, intentionally ran a man for the White House they knew was seriously mentally impaired. Because this didn’t come upon him quickly, since his election. This had to be known since 2020, hence the campaign from a basement.

As I’ve mentioned, I came into contact with Joe Biden in 2016. We went to the same small Catholic Latin Rite church in Wilmington, Delaware. The man I saw and occasionally heard there was sharp, confident, poised, and all there. I certainly didn’t agree with his policies or politics when he was veep in 2016. But you couldn’t fault his general mental acuity. This is no longer the case.

This is worse than Wilson and FDR. Their illnesses happened at the end of their terms and when elected they were in normal form, though there are those who said Roosevelt was faltering by 1944. It means that at the helm of this country now is either a man suffering from a mentally crippling illness or a cabal of people cynically manipulating him for their own ends. Neither option is what the American people voted for in 2020.

Watch it here: The Sun/Youtube

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