ANOTHER Soros Operative Preparing To Help Dems STEAL Every Election!


Another attempt from the Dems to control the upcoming election, they’ll do everything to manipulate the results.

The Soros-funded Jena Griswold, Colorado’s Secretary of State held a virtual hearing on Tuesday at 1:00 p.m to ensure that the state’s elections are free, fair, and open. Also, the hearing discussed her permanent rule change, as required by law.

Jenna the youngest elected Secretary of State in the United States is the final authority, however, she is not required to undertake any follow-up after today’s hearing because it’s for voters’ comment.

According to a concerned Colorado election judge and reader who wish to remain anonymous:

“I have been an election judge for a county for several election cycles. I received that from the Larimer Republican Party because they are asking me to be their lead election poll watcher. I know that USPS threw away Republican ballots in certain precincts. What goes on in the scanning facility for ballots is top secret, and with Jena’s gag order and staff in place, it will become a black hole.

The document came from the State GOP to the County GOP from the Colorado Secretary Of State’s office

Jena Griswold is a hot mess Soros person. She does not care who she hurts or what anyone thinks about it. A good Marxist soldier. You can do some searches and see the results. Here is a start.

The Colorado GOP demands that all County offices stand down and allow them to “handle it” which means, based on their history of being eGOP, they will do nothing concrete.”

Is anyone else starting to think the GOP has been infiltrated and is working for the other side?

The proposed legislation eliminates signature verifications, makes it more difficult to remove dead voters from the voter rolls, and puts a gag order on poll watchers.

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