ANOTHER Strange Detail Has Come Out About The Kamala Coin Toss!


It seems people are starting to realize they vote for the wrong leaders. These pictures and video below show it all…

In fact, Biden’s administration broken the records of the most failures incurred in less than a year in the office. I mean, just for 9 months they were able to flip America upside down.

We really can’t blame the people for slowly losing confidence with this weak administration. Bottom line is that Team Biden and the media are to blame for most of the conspiracies and distrust that’s going around right now.

People don’t trust the so-called “Fair and True Reporting” from the media anymore.

The majority, in this case, don’t trust the media to hunt down and report the truth, and actually believe they’re “hiding” stuff to help one political party over the other, you wind up with an endless stream of conspiracy theories.

Biden’s cognitive issues are one of the best examples. We all see it unfold every single time he speaks or shows up in public, yet, our media ignores it.

Here we have this giant white “Alzheimer’s” elephant in the room, but our press either pretends it’s not there, or they make lame excuses like “childhood stutter” nonsense.

And this comes after four years of hearing how “unstable” and “mentally ill” Trump was.

It makes no sense and proves to many people that the media is a propaganda machine for the left.

And when a so-called “presidential administration” refuses to speak openly to the American people, and when a so-called “president” claims he’s only allowed to take “certain” questions from “certain” people, and he repeats this over and over, it’s understandable that people will start to question everything that’s going on around them.

So, nobody believes anything they see or hear – even something as simple as a huge cheering crow from a football game.

We all know how unpopular Team Biden is – Kamala is so universally unlikeable, that they basically hide her way most of the time.

But they trotted her out to facilitate the coin toss at her alma mater Howard University.

Now, of course, that would be a more “friendly” crowd, since Kamala went there and it’s definitely a left-leaning school…so you’d expect Kamala to be positively welcomed, right?

Sure, I think that’s a totally fair assessment…but there’s one big, glaring problem for many people.

The crowd that you hear on the video, as Kamala takes the field, sounds like a ROARING crowd in a jam-packed stadium that’s overflowing with people, right?

Yes, it does.

But if you watch the video and look at the photos from that day, there is hardly anyone at the game when Kamala takes the field.

And this has sparked a new conspiracy theory that the roaring crowd noise was “dubbed in.”

The folks over at Citizen Free Press brought this theory up as well.

Here’s what they said in the comments section:

“Mysteriously loud cheer erupts as Kamala tosses coin at Howard vs. Hampton game. As these photos show, the stadium was practically empty”

And here’s what people said about it online:

“Look at those masked morons putting on a propaganda show. The sad thing is that Kamala actually thinks she’s popular. It takes a special kind of psychosis to believe that.”

“Fake people do fake things. FAKE!!!!!!!”

“Where are the people??”

“What a farce. Just like her whole life.”

“Remember, these evil people were not elected, they were installed as your rulers, dictators”

“She has even less of a base than Biden. Totally ILLEGITIMATE!”

“So Chineese shit and fake…and why are there no fans in the stadium?”

“Look at those stands…they’re practically empty.”

“She should have crawled out on her knees. A much more comfortable position for her.”

“The player’s walked off the field and ran past her as if she wasn’t there….”


“Lmao there’s like 1000 people there counting players. They think we’re that stupid.”

“The announced attendance for the game was 81 million .”

Ha ha ha – that last line was the best and really does sum up nicely how a lot of people feel about all of this nonsense that’s going on.

But regardless of whether or not you think that roaring LOUD crowd noise was real or not, I can tell you this much – Americans are not the least bit thrilled or happy with Team Biden.

Take a look at the recent poll out of Iowa. Joe Biden is 31 points underwater in that state…and you know this is likely the case in most states.


After 9 short months, the wheels are finally falling off the cart. Because Biden’s presidency” was a poorly crafted concoction of the media, backdoor politicians, and unelected bureaucrats.

Finally, we’ve got some reasons to cheer about.

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