The thing that people do not totally realize is that they can change their political beliefs any time they want.

I know a good number of people who in their younger days, were Democrats. After a long and arduous journey, they managed to figure out the right way of doing things.

Liberal lawmakers like to pigeonhole people into groups, saying that people of certain races will never vote Republican. It’s pretty ridiculous to assume something like that.

On Tuesday, the Black State rep, serving the 25th district in Columbus, Ohio endorsed President Trump. She is the second Democrat to endorse the president for reelection. Vernon Jones was the first. In endorsing the president, Bernadine Kennedy Kent, listed the many accomplishments that have enriched the Black community.

Think about this. Democrats claim that Trump is a racist. But he has created Opportunity Zones to revitalize Black communities. He created the First Step Act which ended the mass incarceration of Blacks that started after Biden passed a crime bill that sent Blacks to prison en masse.

He saved historically Black colleges and universities from bankruptcy. Reduced poverty among Blacks and created good-paying jobs, leading to the lowest number of unemployed Blacks in history. If he is a racist, he has to be the worst racist in history. Democrats are right. Blacks are better off on the plantation with massas Pelosi and Schumer. (Takes tongue out of cheek)

Kent said:

“From  my perspective as a lawmaker who was elected for the first time in 2016. And following a lifetime as an educator and child advocate. I have admired President Trump’s dedication to law and order and his respect for our Constitution. His strong leadership and willingness to fight for educational and economic empowerment for minorities has brought unprecedented hope to the American people.”

“President Trump has provided a record number of Black Americans with a real shot at the American dream. Under President Trump’s leadership, Black Americans have experienced record-low unemployment and the poverty rates. unemployment among the black community has fallen to its lowest level in U.S. history.

A large part of this success is due to President Trump’s willingness to listen to the ideas of Senator Tim Scott. And the concerns of invested citizens from diverse communities in economic distress. This effort produced a groundbreaking solution called ‘Opportunity Zones.’ It’s a way to create jobs and spur investment in disadvantaged communities. We all recognize that gainful employment and economic development is the best deterrent against violence and social unrest. So I want to thank President Trump for his commitment to ensuring the success of the Black community in every way.”

Kent went on to thank the president for the leadership he has shown to Black Colleges and universities. Not only financially but also with apprenticeship programs and such. This should help the Black colleges to make themselves viable once again. No Democrats has ever tried to do this. Only Trump.

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