Are The Capitol Police Trying To Sabotage The People’s Convoy?


On Monday, a fleet of truckers protesting the government’s response to Covid-19 and other grievances returned to the Capital Beltway, ringing Washington to draw attention to their cause.

Now, an immediate emergency declaration has been issued by the capitol police board in an effort to sabotage the ‘People’s Convoy.’ The people’s convoy is a group of truck drivers that are headed to D.C to protest COVID 19 safety policies.

The “People’s Convoy” said in a media statement posted on Instagram:

“We are here to make the voices of the American people heard, express their deepest concerns, and effect meaningful change now.” 

CNN reported:

The declaration was announced by House Sergeant at Arms William Walker. Walker wrote in a letter, advising Congress members and their staffers to take an alternate path via public transit to work or to consider working remotely.

“The Capitol Police Board has issued an emergency declaration to ensure that the US Capitol police are able to operate and respond as necessary.”

The outlet added that Walker also said the Committee on House Administration had “determined that extraordinary circumstances exist to permit the use of official funds to reimburse short-term lodging expenses in the Washington, D.C., area for certain Members and staff.”

Meanwhile, Sheriff Doug Mullendore of Washington County, Maryland said that they have not had any issues with the convoy while they were in Hagerstown to rally earlier in the day.

He said in a statement:

“There are at least four convoys that have converged in Hagerstown and are staying at the Hagerstown Speedway. There have been no problems and we are just monitoring things. We are working closely with the Maryland State Police.”

Mullendore added:

“They have been very respectful and have caused no problems here.”

Representatives of the People’s Convoy say they are calling for an end to the state of emergency that’s led to vaccine mandates by some governments and want Congressional hearings to examine the response to the pandemic.

In a press release about the convoy’s goals, organizers wrote:

“The message of The People’s Convoy is simple. The last 23 months of the COVID-19 pandemic have been a rough road for all Americans to travel: spiritually, emotionally, physically, and – not least – financially. With the advent of the vaccine and workable therapeutic agents, along with the hard work of so many sectors that contributed to declining COVID-19 cases and severity of illness, it is now time to re-open the country. The average American worker needs to be able to end-run the economic hardships of the last two years, and get back to the business of making bread – so they can pay their rents and mortgages and help jumpstart this economy. To that end, it’s time for elected officials to work with the blue-collar and white-collar workers of America and restore accountability and liberty – by lifting all mandates and ending the state of emergency – as COVID is well-in-hand now, and Americans need to get back to work in a free and unrestricted manner.”

After circling the Beltway twice Sunday, most of the trucks headed north to Hagerstown, Maryland, where they had assembled on Friday.

Watch it here: Sasnak/Youtube

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