Armed Illegal Alien Thug Breaks Into Texas Man’s Garage… Instantly Regrets It

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A illegal alien would-be thief broke into a stranger’s garage with the intent to steal, but what he got wasn’t stolen merchandise. Instead, the man broke into a garage in which the owner of the home was already IN the garage, and what he got was a swift introduction to justice.

The to-be thief was met with a physical confrontation and the thug lost the battle, even after brandishing a firearm. Check out the vicious mug shots below.


Police reports indicate that Kevin Mitchell Gonzales, 28, tried to illegally gain entry into a home in Longview, Texas, but things went horribly wrong. At some point during the home invasion, the homeowner walked into the garage, prompting a physical struggle.

Gonzales produced a gun, which the homeowner wrestled away from him, and then issued a brutal beating to the hapless criminal.

But then after being arrested, police discovered that Gonzales was really Jose Andres Martinez, a Mexican national in the United States illegally, who was using false identification, as illegals so often do.

Martinez had apparently crossed the border and been caught at least twice, and may have had up to 8 different phony IDs on him at the time of arrest. Do we need any more reasons to build a damn wall?

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  1. Why is he even given the option of bail? He is an ILLEGAL and therefore has NO civil rights. He should have been escorted to the border, given a swift kick in the ass and told that if he returned, he would be shot and killed and left laying where he fell to rot!!

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