As The DEATH TOLL Rises, Democrats Are Looking Away!


There will always be some people that will try to take advantage of a bad situation and turn it to their benefit, and people that will try to help during a bad situation.

I remember there was a guy that ran a burger place where I grew up that was the good version of this scenario once. The power went out in our town for about three days, and people were having to eat what they had on hand. They couldn’t have anything that was cooked. So, what this guy did is he hooked up his generator to his place and began cooking. He literally rolled back prices to what he would have charged in 1955 for a burger and fries.

It was so cool. He sold off all of the merchandise that would have gone to waste, and made sure everyone got a hot meal.

The Democrats are following one of their most important rules: “never let a good crisis go to waste.” They are trying to control the narrative instead of trying to solve the problem of many Texans having no power or access to clean water.

Democrats are using the crisis to campaign for more renewable energy, and to try to turn Texas blue.

Though power has been restored for many residents, there are still hundreds of Texans on their fourth day without power or access to clean water. As a state that doesn’t often have severe cold temperatures, Texas was not prepared for this sudden snowstorm.

The left and the right are currently arguing about what to blame for the power loss, with the right citing frozen wind turbines and the left blaming frozen gas pipes.

The Associated Press reported: “In Texas, just under 500,000 homes and businesses were still without electricity Thursday morning, down from about 3 million the day before. The state’s grid manager, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, said Thursday morning that the remaining outages are largely weather-related, rather than forced outages that were made early Monday to stabilize the power grid.”

Instead of trying to help the people of Texas, Democrats are just blaming Republicans and trying to use this situation to campaign for total Democrat control of Texas.