At First, They Look Like Typical Dogs, But Wait Until They Stand Up…


Has the following scenario ever happened to you?

It’s you and your husband’s anniversary. You know that your loving husband has a special night planned, and you can’t wait to celebrate. The only problem? You can’t find a babysitter for your two kids. You call the several backups you have on your list, but pretty soon reality hits you. You’re not going to be able to celebrate this anniversary. If only there were babysitters that could be ready whenever…

For Joshua Fisher and Bee Fisher, their three little boys have been their pride and joy. Although three children might be enough for some families, the Fishers weren’t done adding to their family.


The Fishers initially thought about getting a horse, but they decided to get two dogs instead. What kind of dogs did they get? Well, the Fishers wanted to get a type of dog that would get along well with their young children and be able to help them babysit


Meet Ralphie and Boss, the two new furry additions to the Fisher family. Ralphie and Boss are Newfoundlands, which means that they have the potential to grow to be 6 feet in length from nose to tail! More important, however, Newfoundlands are known for their calm nature and they already begun to develop a brotherly bond with their human siblings.


Ralphie weighs 125 pounds at the moment while Boss weights a stunning 160 pounds!


Joshua Fisher says,

They are sweet and loving. It shows in our photos they are truly lap dogs. They are gentle giants and we can take them anywhere.”


The only downside to having such enormous dogs? You guessed it — it’s the drool!

“They slobber on work clothes — they shake their heads and it goes flying everywhere. We have to keep emergency towels around the house and their hair gets everywhere. It can be crazy, but it is worth it.”


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