Badass Colorado Mother of Three Beats Cancer Twice, Pays Off Medical Bills By Bounty Hunting

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A mother-of-three from Colorado has become a bounty hunter in order to pay $800,000 in medical bills following two bouts of cancer.

Shanda Zapata has been going after criminals for three years now.

“I have been shot at, lunged at with a knife, attacked by pit bulls and even had drug dealers throw needles at me like darts,” the 35-year-old said on a Barcroft Video. “You never know what is going to be behind that door when you kick it down. Every day could be your last.

“You kiss your children not knowing whether that will be the last time you see them or not,” she continued. “But if someone threatens my life, then I won’t hesitate to shoot and it won’t be to injure. It will be to kill.”

$800,000, even to us Brits, seems like an awful lot to payback. Still, the money shows. Zapata once earned a 10% cut of a $200,000 bond.

Zapata was diagnosed with bowel cancer at 19 and then again when she was 31. The experiences have only made her stronger, though. You have to be made of stern stuff to take down biker gangs and mafioso.

“I’ve lost everything in my life and now been left with a huge debt,” she said. “But now I’m out there hunting some of America’s most dangerous criminals and making something of myself.”

The weaponry she has amassed in bounty hunting consists of two assault rifles, a Smith & Wesson pistol with a custom grip and Kevlar vests.

As for her general appearance and enhanced breasts, they assist in the manipulation of all the bad motherfuckers she’s out to get.

“Once in a while, I get to dress up and meet somebody in a bar or a hotel and have a few drinks,” Zapata said. “Then once they are outside, we will take them down. It’s pretty satisfying.”

“I chose this job because I get to help people and sort of be a badass,”

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