Bernie Sanders Scrambling To Erase Disturbing Comments

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Bernie Sanders is a confused individual who has never failed to prove to the world just how out-of-touch with reality he really is. His most recent comments seriously make us question his insanity.

Check it out:

VIA| The failed presidential candidate tweeted on Jan. 19 that the U.S. had the worst relationship with its “poor and working people” than “virtually any other country on earth,” according to The Daily Caller.

Never mind the fact that in many places across the planet, not having safe water isn’t a “scandal,” but rather the norm — and that’s only when there’s actually enough water for everyone.

Never mind the fact that in some countries, diseases that have been virtually eliminated in the U.S., such as typhoid, run rampant. Never mind the fact that, in more places than we’d like to admit, there is no hope or possibility for education at any age.

Perhaps Sanders took these things into consideration after making the ill-informed comment because he soon deleted it from his Twitter account.

However, as anyone in the public eye should know by now, the things you put on the internet are not magically erased just because you hit the delete button.

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