Biden CAUGHT Giving Out FALSE Covid Information!


Seriously? Is he even dreaming? I mean, he can’t even get a one-word web address correct after two tries… how can he even fix Afghanistan?

We hear all over reports of media that many Americans are stranded behind enemy lines in a country that has just fallen to a gang of terrorists. But Biden doesn’t seem to mind about it because the only thing on Biden’s mind right now is meeting his vaccine quota.

And today, he gave yet another disastrous presser instead of napping at home.

He pushes his vaccine like a sleazy used car salesman and decided to get in front of the cameras but we all know how Biden always screwed up – and he again just did it today, things just went haywire.

That’s right, Biden screwed up again, and at this point, the Bumbling Joe can’t even peddle Big Pharma’s vaccine that appears to be his only job, Biden mentioned the webpage where individuals can obtain additional information twice while pushing Americans to get vaccinated, however, there’s a problem… It’s the wrong web address.

Biden provided the incorrect website address and not only once but twice. What the hell is he thinking?

I guess it’s no shock that Biden made a mess out of Afghanistan and we all knew about it.

He can’t even get the web address right to promote his beloved vaccine.

We should keep our expectations as low as possible when it comes to this buffoon, and God help us all.

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