Biden Caught Telling His McDonald’s Story Again And It Went Totally Off The Rails!


I don’t really know the point of Biden’s obsession with this McDonald’s internet story that he has to tell it over and over again.

Surprisingly, if we are to count the number of times between his Amtrak or 18-wheeler story, this McDonald’s internet story just won the poll.

Joe complicates the issue wherein fact it only requires a very simple solution, I mean just look what he’s done trying to explain things about COVID and the vaccine. It’s turned into a confusing, convoluted mess.

We know that during the pandemic many low-income families can no longer afford to have internet and it’s been an issue for parents who were to home-school their kids.

Then, to complicate things Biden keeps bringing up this story about parents flocking to McDonald’s with their kids so they can use the internet to do school work in their cars.

I mean, Joe doesn’t even know what “Wi-Fi” is, he keeps calling it a “line.” This makes it very hard for us to play heads or tails out of what Joe’s saying most of the time.

There’s no denying that he is partially right.

Knowing that the lockdowns exposed a problem with many poor families who don’t have high-speed broadband and electronic devices for kids to learn properly at home.

Read more of this commentary from WayneDupree:

However, the “McDonald’s stuff” sounds fishy, and feels more like an orchestrated “heartstrings” story in order to convince Americans that the government needs to step in and take over Internet Service Providers (ISP). The reason the story doesn’t “add up” in my book, is because local libraries offer free internet that MANY people, from all economic walks of life, use successfully every day. If you ask me, Biden picked the fast-food story, because he equates “McDonald’s” with poor people and thought it’d make a perfect “visual” to sell his plan.

And now, after this latest story coming out of the DNC holiday party, I am convinced that Joe doesn’t know or understand what the hell he’s talking about most of the time.

I’m assuming in an effort to tout his “Build Back Better” bill, Joe Biden told a room full of well-dressed, likely very well-off people, that they won’t have to go sit in a McDonald’s parking lot to use their internet.


Right here’s what AP reporter Josh Boak shared on Twitter: “At DNC vacation birthday party, Biden simply informed the well-dressed visitors that they might by no means have to take a seat in a McDonald’s parking zone to get web.”

I don’t really know if Joe Biden even is aware of who he’s chatting with at this level… and I am the only person who thinks this manner, folks online thinks the same way:

“Well, maybe he was talking to the waitstaff or the janitor in the room?”

“His team needs to put a shock collar on him so they can get him back in line quickly when speaks off the cuff.”

“Did he happen to mention that he himself was a few fries short of a Happy Meal?”

“But has he told them the Amtrak story yet?”

“He has beat the hound out of McDonalds wifi story.”

“He’s like a senile old man who just keeps repeating the same story over and over to everyone” 

“He’s declining rapidly”

“Someone should tell him that kids of the elite only sit in Starbucks parking lots.”

“His situational awareness level is declining rapidly”

“Did he tell them about his years driving a semi?”

“Dementia Joe forgot where he was. Happens frequently.”

Source: WayneDupree