Biden Holding Illegals So He Can STEAL 2024!


People in power always want to stay in power, and people that want to get into power will do anything to get that power.

Look at the things that Biden promised the American people so he could get elected. Sure, he still needed to switch votes and all, but you get my meaning. What he did was absolutely horrendous.

Now, that 2024 is in play, what he is doing now is getting things set up so that he has so many people that feel obligated to vote for him that he will win another rigged election!

Immigration and Customs Enforcement is securing hotel rooms to handle the growing influx of undocumented families crossing into the United States.

The Biden administration has awarded ICE an $86.9 million contract for hotel rooms near the border to provide temporary shelter and processing services for families who have not been expelled from the United States but have been placed in immigration proceedings for their removal.

The contract, through Texas-based nonprofit Endeavors, provides 1,239 beds and “other necessary services.” The families will receive a comprehensive health assessment, including COVID-19 testing. The announcement comes days after White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters on Thursday that the White House planned to provide 2.5 million doses of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine to Mexico.

Endeavors president and CEO Jon Allman confirmed the contract with DHS to provide “critical services to migrant families, which is a continuation of services we have delivered to the migrant population since 2012.” Allman deferred questions regarding specific details about the contract to ICE.

Other services provided by Endeavors for migrant families navigating the U.S. immigration process include victim services, therapeutic regiments, educational resources and mental health care. Endeavors also offers “culturally appropriate,” trauma-informed, child-centered case management, home study, and post-release services for unaccompanied children and their sponsors.

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