Biden May Be About To Hand Control Of U.S. Over To Mexico!


Earlier this month, an event was held bringing together leaders of countries from Chile to Canada, The Summit of the Americas,  a chance for the White House to demonstrate its leadership on big regional issues such as migration, and climate change, and recovering from the pandemic.

But the agenda has been overshadowed by who won’t be at the table. Several leaders, including Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, turned down the chance to meet with Joe Biden in Los Angeles.

Lopez Obrador previously threatened to boycott the event if the Biden administration excluded failed socialist regimes, Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua, according to a Reuters report.

However, there have been reports that Lopez Obrador is meeting with Joe Biden in Washington DC in July.

Here’s what The Gateway Pundit reported:

According to reports, Lopez Obrador will push the White House about a plan to integrate all of the Western Hemisphere into one community similar to the European Union.

That way all citizens will be able to freely travel between the failed states, the sh*tholes, the developing nations and the United States and Canada.

You know that since this further weakens the US, Joe Biden and his handlers will be all over this.


July Visit Plan

So AMLO didn’t come to the U.S. for the Summit. But don’t worry, he plans to visit Biden in July. And guess what he’s going to propose:

In July I’m going to see him [Biden] in the White House and I want to talk to him about the integration of all América [the Western Hemisphere]. My proposal is that, as the European Community was created and later became the European Union, we need to do the same in América. But this means a change in policy, leaving behind confrontation, hate, threats, embargoes, meddling and instead choose brotherhood, for the Good Neighbor Policy.

[Versión estenográfica. Conferencia de prensa del presidente Andrés Manuel López Obrador del 6 de junio de 2022 (“Stenographic Version. Press Conference of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of June 6, 2022”), Mexican Presidential Website, June 6, 2022]

Submerging the U.S. in a hemispheric superstate—that sounds like the sort of plan Biden and company will like!

Once again, what a change from the Trump Era. What a difference American leadership makes!

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