Biden Started His Press Conference, And Locked Up Like A…[VIDEO]


Old Joe never failed us every time he’s out for a press conference. Aside from the fact that he had a list of pre-approved reporters, his PR team always expect the worst of him, which he never failed every time he speak.

It’s another nightmare for Team Joe, although everything is “staged” and set up, his dementia-ridden self goes beyond worse to worst.

He even patted himself on the back, for a “job well done” during the presser. He thinks that he’s actually “outperformed” what people thought he could do – which is mind-blowing and crazy.

This guy is full of himself, aside from the fact that he gave Putin the “go-ahead” to invade Ukraine. He also claimed 89% of the store shelves in the country are full, even though he keeps seeing empty shelves on the news.

It feels like it’s our fault for feeling lost in this time of crisis because of his unconstitutional mandates. He said that Americans just don’t “understand” how good things are.

Biden is weak and old, his malfunctioning… During the question about school reopenings and closures, he was totally lost, so completely confused that he would freeze up, drift off, and go blank During the question about school reopenings and closures.

By the end of Biden’s answer (using that term really loosely), you couldn’t remember what the original question was. I HIGHLY suggest you watch BOTH videos.

Watch the videos below:

That was startling, to say the least – one of Joe’s worst performances yet.

Here are what folks online said:

“This is embarrassing. For not only him. His family. But this country.”

“Elder abuse”

“Things are getting worse. FAST” 

“I’ve seen a lot of bad Biden stuff, but this is downright scary” 

“After watching this I am so angry that we’re just all sitting here allowing this to go on. Where’s the GOP?” 

“This is so awkward and hard to watch.”

“Guys, we’ve graduated into stage 4 of whatever disease he has and 5 is the last stage” 

“Who doesn’t cringe whenever this old fart attempts to explain something”

“Probably the worst I’ve seen him.” 

“And the award goes to….whoever can remember what the original question was!”

“I don’t know how anyone can watch that and feel okay about our country. Seriously.” 

“It scares me that the USA would allow an Alzheimer’s patient to play President” 

“Remember all the talk about the 25th amendment during the Trump presidency? Good Times.”

“There is absolutely no chance this guy got more votes than anyone in the history of this country.”

“Poor guy. He just wants to poop and take naps” 

Wayne Dupree noted:

And that wasn’t Biden just “carefully” trying to answer a question. Because even after the “LOST” pause, he seemed so confused and off track and befuddled.

A total mess.

I don’t know what it will take for somebody to stand up and say “ENOUGH,” because the American people are getting mad, watching this demented man pretend to play president.

Source: WayneDupree