Biden Tried To Give A Hurricane Update And It PROVED He’s Not Right!


Joe Biden has really bad dementia, but we often consider it because he’s old and weak. But sounding like a “malfunctioning robot” to comfort the people of Louisiana is another story.

We all know Joe Biden struggles with his communication as he stutters most of the time.

Take note, he is the Commander in Chief and imagines how dangerous his decisions could be. Just recently, check out what is happening in Afghanistan and things are getting worse.

The Taliban’s growing their strength in terms of the military as the Biden administration has still no plans in getting back the Billions of dollars worth of Military equipment from Black Hawk helicopters, night visions, and more.

That is insane!

A circulating opinion says, “Joe Biden isn’t the person I knew in Congress. He should get cognitive testing, with the result made public.”

I am not alone in seeing a difference in President Biden. Mike McCormick, who worked 15 years as a White House stenographer and with Biden from 2011 to 2017, has said, “He’s lost a step and he doesn’t seem to have the mental acuity he had four years ago. He does not have the energy; he does not have the pace of his speaking. He is a different person. He read that Democratic National Committee speech verbatim — it’s not Joe Biden anymore.”

We have seen in recent interviews that Biden appears to be reading directly from a teleprompter, including reciting written instruction from his staff such as “END QUOTE” and “TOPLINE MESSAGE.” He whispers.

Many of my physician friends who have cared for aging patients with memory problems and dementia say it is not surprising that people question Biden’s mental acuity. A neurosurgeon friend noted Biden’s 2 intracerebral bleeds and a 1988 surgery for brain aneurysms and said, “it takes a toll and can show up later.” You would expect some decline over a period, but coupled with changes in his gait, with little normal arm motion, I am seeing a dramatic change from when we had lunch together or even when he was vice president.

Prior to the election, many commentators such as Rachel Maddow, Scott Dworkin, Eric Garland, Amy Siskins, James Come, and other Democrats promoted the idea that President Donald Trump was crazy and mentally incapacitated and should be removed from office. Trump has an egocentric personality that turns off some and speaks more recklessly at times than I would prefer. However, he is not senile and his brain is relatively sharp whether you like what he says or not.

Recently, Hurricane hits Louisiana and look how Joe Biden comforts them.

How long should we deal with this kind of “childhood stutter”? Or maybe this is a bad Alzheimer’s?

I just hope the relief and rescue for the people of Louisiana? Things are getting leery as many more situations are being screwed by stuttering Joe Biden ever since being installed in the White House.

Stuttering is not a bad thing; it is just that Joe Biden’s selfish decision making putting us all at risk.

God Bless America.

Source: Wayne Dupree, Des Moines