Biden’s Biggest Failure Comes Back to Haunt Every Last One Of Them…


At this point, even Democrats have to admit that Joe Biden is a cancer on our economy. The man triggered runaway inflation when, in 2021, he spent money we didn’t have on a “stimulus.” That $1.7 trillion dollars radically lowered the value of the dollar. Then, he went on to do even more boneheaded moves to make inflation much worse.

Joe hasn’t done anything to fix it since then. Any “relief” we’ve seen in recent years has been minor and coincidental. The problems he created persist, hurting millions of Americans. Don’t believe me? Just go for a drive sometime. And you will discover one of Biden’s biggest mistakes is roaring back.

From Daily Wire:

Gas prices have jumped up to an eight-month high across the U.S. as some analysts say they will continue to get higher.

Prices have jumped over 20 cents in the past week in Iowa, Florida, and Indiana, while 16 states have seen jumps of at least 15 cents, according to NBC News. The high was first reached on Thursday and continued into Friday.

Yep, high gas prices are back. Not that they went away. After very minor decreases in the average cost of gasoline, the prices are raging once again as the summer heats up. This is thanks to communist Joe Biden, who refuses to let U.S. oil companies drill on federal land (where most of the oil resides).

But this isn’t a glitch, it’s a feature of Biden’s agenda. He and his lackeys have frequently admitted they want gas prices to remain high, so you’ll have no choice but to buy an overpriced electric car. The braindead environmentalists on the left seem to think electricity is free. And they want to convince you that if you get another mortgage on your house to buy an EV, all our problems will go away.

In reality, experts have made it very clear that America’s grid cannot support everyone switching to electric cars. Even if a small percentage of U.S. drivers made the leap, we could not generate enough electricity to charge all those cars.

Because… ahem… we need fossil fuels to generate electricity! Where does Biden think it comes from? Not solar or wind, I can tell that much (both of which cause damage to the environment and kill numerous animals).

Biden will in no way do what is necessary to bring gas prices down. He has refused to reopen drilling, leaving the supply desperately low. We are at the mercy of foreign nations, who would rather see us suffer than help up.

So much for putting Americans first, eh Joe?