Biden’s Gatekeeper Is Having A Full Blown Meltdown!


Maybe this job is too much for her, Jen is literally having a meltdown. You can really tell this job is getting to her…she’s in over her head.

“grace under fire?” Not even close – Jen Psaki is not what you think she is.

She’s a total definition of leftist liberal, just another typical weak-minded liberal, who can’t handle it when facts are thrown at her.

She buckles.

She’s so testy and condescending, even when a “friendly reporter” lobs a semi-tough question her way.

And that’s exactly what happened today…you can tell the job is getting to her…

Here’s what started it:

Right now, the insecure/shaky “VP” Kamala Harris is under a lot of rapid-fire for the mess they’ve made at the border.

First off, it’s a total disaster down there.

Second off, she’s never gone to the border and is now getting really nasty when people ask her about it.

And when she went to Guatemala, she was greeted by “TRUMP WON” signs and the president of the country correctly blamed Biden for the entire border mess.

All in all, the border nightmare is coming back yet again, to haunt Kamala.

Why won’t this woman go to the damn border?

She wants to jet around the globe, blaming “climate change,” for the disaster instead of facing up to the fact that she and all her Dem buddies are the “root cause” because they keep promising illegals freebies and other goodies.

That’s what’s driving people here, not the weather, for crying out loud.

So, when a reporter, who clearly likes Jen and didn’t want to make the question too difficult, asked her if conservatives are right, and Kamala should go to the border, Jen got really testy and really condescending.

You can watch the video below:

Jen is in way over her head.

She can’t handle even the slightest bit of heat.

Imagine if Jen had to deal with all the hostility Kayleigh had to endure.

Jen wouldn’t last 5-minutes.

A phony WH spokesperson for a phony “president…” these frauds and losers all go together perfectly.

Sources: WayneDupree