Biden’s Gatekeeper Just Proved That She Needs To Go Away Now!


Jen Psaki can’t handle the heat, she’s playing offensive whenever Biden’s butt got hurt… Jen Psaki just got her claws out…

Psaki’s shield can no longer carry the weight of Biden’s mess.

The way she snapped OANN’s Emerald Robinson with the embarrassingly low poll numbers shows she had enough. I mean, she’s over the job, she’s over Joe, and she’s over the scandals.

It all happens after OANN’s reporter Emerald Robinson shouted out a question about Joe Biden’s low poll numbers, this Psaki didn’t run away as usual, which is weird, Instead, she got really, really snotty with Emerald and in doing so, let everyone know how “done” she really is with this whole failed Biden Show.

Clearly, Joe’s low poll numbers are the straw that broke this red camel’s back.

Watch the video below:

Watch it here: Youtube/GOP War Room

Well, now we know what really pisses off Psaki… Joe’s ghastly poll numbers just keep going lower and lower.

As I’ve said many times, the elites hate to be humiliated – and these low polling numbers are a great source of humiliation for them and Psaki really lost control… She always does.

So, hopefully, Emerald and Doocy will keep hammering away at that.

Here are the comments from the Folks online:

“I see Psaki’s been working on her technique. Hitting Emerald with a fadeaway “circle-back”

“Psaki – It’s inappropriate to shout questions at the end, instead do it during the briefing when we don’t wanna answer those types of questions.”

“Just not surprised anymore “

Watch it here: Youtube/GOP War Room

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