Biden’s Transportation Secretary Caught Laughing About High Gas Prices!


On Tuesday, Biden’s inept Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg was caught laughing at his own countrymen’s struggles.

Buttigieg appeared on Fox News where host Neil Cavuto asked the incompetent transportation secretary his opinions on gas prices surging because of Biden’s policies.

Here’s what asked:

“Half of that increase started prior to the first Russian soldiers arriving near Ukraine. You can’t blame it all on the Ukraine, right?” 

“What about the other half?” Buttigieg laughed. “What about the other half? That’s a pretty important half.”

Cavuto clapped back, “Your administration has blamed this on the war, and that was certainly a big factor but gas prices had gone up 50 percent already before the war.” 

“A very big factor,” the secretary replied.

“So, to me, that’s half the blame, not all the blame,” Cavuto said.

Meanwhile, the Biden gang continues to blame Russian President Vladimir Putin for soaring gas prices. It seems dementia Joe forgot that Gas prices spiked well before Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine.

chart courtesy of Zero Hedge

Watch the video below:

Our friends from the Gateway Pundit pointed out:

This is the same idiot who remained silent on the Fourth of July after 10,000 flights were delayed and more than 1,00 flights were canceled over the holiday weekend.

Buttigieg issued a weak response on Saturday and hasn’t said a word about Airmageddon since.

Pete Buttigieg attacked the private airline industry.

Instead of actually solving the ongoing problem plaguing the US airline industry, Pete Buttigieg told disgruntled travelers they are entitled to a prompt refund if their flight gets canceled.

Nobody is saying that the Ukraine invasion did not play a role whatsoever, except it’s a complete cop-out by the administration to blame a situation across the world for the problems here in the homeland.

In fact, blaming a conflict in Europe only further reveals the flaws with progressive energy policy. The United States should be as self-reliant as possible on its own oil and gas, so there should be no global excuse for high prices.

Source: TheGatewayPundit