Black Lives Matter THUG Takes Woman Hostage, So Texas Police Showed Him Who’s Boss


While the mainstream media focuses its attention solely on a one sided-story, black on white violence in this country continues to escalate. The latest incident involves Black Lives Matter support Christopher Dew, who robbed a check cashing business in Texas and took a young, white female hostage.

The robbery suspect was shot and killed by Texas Police after holding a woman hostage. The incident was caught on a cell phone video, which has been released to the public.

The footage shows the hostage situation unfold in a parking lot in a minutes-long stand-off that ultimately results in gunfire. An employee of the nearby Comfy Furniture witnessed the scene from the shop.

According to an officer on the scene, the suspect violently grabbed a female hostage and yelled that he would ‘kill her.’ He then worked his way around the side of the building and tried to force her into his car. Ultimately, officers were forced to pull the trigger.

Police spokesperson James McLellan told CBS that the hostage was grateful they were able to intervene.


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