BLM Leaders Now Saying They’ll STEAL Land From White People!


These are ruthless Marxists who are hell-bent on destroying this country.

Bree Newsome, the Marxist leader of the Black Lives Matter movement, wants to abolish police in the United States. This is also something that a sizable proportion of crazed Democrats want.

Bree Newsome also wants wealthy white people to pay reparations and redistribute land.

This is the direction in which these devil Marxists wish to take America.

According to the Post Millennial, Bree Newsome, the head of Black Lives Matter, has called for reparations in the form of land redistribution. She said on Twitter that white people’s descendants should pay for the sins perpetrated by their forefathers. Those who have benefited in the past from the riches of white criminals should not be permitted to exploit those assets if they are still in control of them, she claims.

“Amazing how white people commit atrocities in one generation & then they just disappear from existence,” she wrote. “No descendants, no names, no current wealth or land holdings that can be identified as a result of the atrocity.

“Only Black survivors exist with living memory apparently,” she wrote. The idea is that those who still have the land that belonged to their forefathers should relinquish it to the descendants of those who had been harmed by racist past practices. Newsome basically believes that children are responsible for the sins of their parents.

Newsome went on to say that “white violence has driven Black migration across the country,” which “led to significant loss of land and wealth.” In Newsome’s view, that land needs to be restored to the people who left it, and the ones who need to give it up are “The current class of wealthy white people.”

She justifies her request for the property back by citing the horrible history of lynchings in the United States. Newsome has previously stated her support for reparations, stating that they should be paid, but that they can only be paid under a “post-revolutionary” administration.

When it comes to inherited riches, Newsome has a problem with it, especially when it comes from white people. She said herself “We cannot allow Jeff Bezos to amass a fortune worth hundreds of billions of dollars. That is no longer possible. We cannot allow someone like Donald Trump to inherit fortune and then become the president of the United States just on the basis of his inheritance. That is no longer possible. That’ll be the most difficult for them to accept. They’ll give us some money. They aren’t averse to handing over a few dollars if necessary.”

Her remarks on land reapportionment in the sake of fairness are not new; she has previously spoken similar sentiments.

“The United States of America owes us more than they can pay. The reality is modern white civilization—we’re talking the past half-millennia—is built upon Black enslavement. The thing I caution against is allowing the white establishment to go through a process where they feel they paid reparations to us but they’re still continuing to feed on us and build their civilization off our degradation.”

Since its initial introduction in 2016, the BLM platform has included reparations. “Neither mainstream political party has our interests at heart,” the Movement for Black Lives claimed at the time. The Democratic Party, the mainstream media, and a number of large corporations have adopted BLM’s agenda in 2021.

President Joe Biden has stated that he intends to research reparations. Oakland has announced plans to provide deserving black and brown families with universal basic income, and Evanston, Illinois has established a reparations scheme.

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